3 Looks Inspired By Summer Interior Design Trends

Do you ever get a little tired of the fashion merry go round; where the seasons can be almost as predictable as an old school Disney movie ending? Don't worry, we can take fresh inspiration in the form of interior design inspired fashion. Although the fashion industry holds some incredibly creative minds and there are always new fashions being invented, there are some trends that are always being regurgitated year upon year. For instance, summer wouldn't be summer without a nautical tee or a '70s dress, the fall usually brings a touch of '40s luxe, and velvet and tartan garments are always fashion favorites in the winter.

So why not look a little closer to home for your summer style inspiration? By that I mean why not pull together the hottest interior design trends and transform them into wearable looks? The fashion industry is always inspiring interior design trends. Interior designer Daun Curry told Elle Decor, "I've found there are clues in everyone's wardrobe that can help define their own personal decorating styles."

IMO, the opposite can also be true. Look to your home and dissect your personal decorating choices and pick apart what you like about the design. If you're not in your dream home just yet you can search through interior design magazines or websites to find styles that you like. This is a great "two birds with one stone" activity if you're thinking about redecorating anytime soon. Discover how your wardrobe can be inspired by your favorite interior trends with this look at the most fashionable interior design trends of spring/summer 2015.

1. Flashes Of Green In A Monochrome Palette

Red Online informed readers that black, white, and green is the new color palette for this season. The addition of green shades added to a simple, monochrome background lends a fresh, summery vibe to whichever room you choose. I would imagine this color scheme would look fantastic in a kitchen, adding an underlying crisp feel to the room or it could look sublime in a conservatory or sun room to add a truly modern touch.

Illusion Mesh Peplum Tank, $15,

Start with a structured, bright white top like this peplum tank. Add a modern edge with panels of mesh to give your outfit a futuristic feel.

ASOS Curve Rivington High Waist Denim Ankle Grazer Jeggings in White, $51,

Go for the white-out look with a pair of white skinny jeans, to exude summer chic.

Lovina PTN — Lime Pat PU Heels, $50,

Keep your look fresh as a daisy with these vibrant, lime green heels.

Mini Sporty Barrell Holdall, $52,

Lend your look a sporty luxe vibe with this mini barrell handbag.

Bib Statement Necklace, $44,

Make a statement in an oversized necklace such as this handmade bib one, which ties the outfit together with its lime green shade to match your other accessories.

2. Naturally Dark

Another hot interior design trend is using natural materials with a neutral color scheme; with the dominant shade right now being black. Organic textures were once reserved for an off white color palette, but now it seems the opposite is trendy with darker neutrals being the key to this look.

Trudy Twist Dress In Black, $147,

Begin with a black maxi dress to base the rest of your look around. This particular dress is an ethical choice; being made from 95 percent Fairtrade certified organic cotton.

Hi-Five Wedges, $50,

Start to add elements inspired by nature to give this look its organic roots.

Wood Finish Round Sunglasses, $18,

Sometimes in life you can't see the wood for the trees. Ensure you can see clearly throughout the bright, sunny summer with these wood finished sunnies.

Rosa Mosa Wicker Ball Shoulder Bag, $234,

Wicker is a key material for this look, so add some texture to your outfit with this wicker ball shoulder bag.

Wooden Leather Cincher, $105,

Channel Mother Nature in this eclectic belt, which has been decorated to look like the bark of a tree.

3. The Pastel Palette

Interiors are being inspired by candy colors this season with pastels being paired with an array of other pastel shades. Imagine if you had your house decorated by Pip & Pop with a little more Marie Antoinette and a little less psychedelic styling, and you've cracked the color scheme. The key to this trend is feminine, playful vibes.

Bonne Jovial Dress In Peach, $32,

Start this look with a peachy keen, feminine dress such as this romantic number available in sizes Small to 4X.

Rise To The Crop Leggings In Mint, $10,

Add a pair of mint green leggings into the equation to lend a summer meadow vibe to the look.

Mal E Bow Shoes, $110,

Ensure your look has a girlish charm about it with these pretty, pastel yellow shoes adorned with rainbow bows.

Blue/Pink Ice Cream Cross Body Bag, approx. $39,

Keep your ensemble sugary sweet with this ice cream crossbody bag.

Whole Lotta Rosie Crown In Ice Cream Dream, approx. $47,

Be color coordinated from head to toe in this gorgeous pastel flower crown.

April Showers Rainbow Necklace, approx. $78,

This necklace is what all your perspex, pastel colored dreams are made of! Rainbow fans will fall in love immediately.

Images: rjenkinsdesign; black.interiors; design_manners /Instagram; American Zoetrope; Giphy; Courtesy Brands