A Pip & Pop Wonder World Inspired Wardrobe For All Your Ethereal, Cotton Candy Dreams

Pip & Pop create artwork using a range of unusual materials, which combined, make miniature, psychedelic worlds. Created by Australian artist Tanya Schultz, Pip & Pop art installations have been seen all over the globe, including on a Pip & Pop fashion runway for Romance Was Born at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2013.

Pip & Pop's artwork is incredible. Shultz utilizes a range of quirky materials from candy to glitter to literally mounds of colored sugar. Then she adds in the cutest found objects such as tiny plastic fawns, mushrooms, and flowers, which gives the audience the feeling that they are looking down upon a tiny, fantasy world.

For me, I find there is a strong nostalgic feel to Pip & Pop's work. Perhaps it is the whimsical fairytale-esque items placed lovingly in a rainbow landscape or maybe it's the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vibes I pick up on from the hills made of sugar and candy. Shultz's work is so intricate and thoughtfully created that whenever I look upon it I feel a slightly euphoric, relaxed emotion begin to take over my brain; similar to how I feel after practicing yoga. Pip & Pop art has a hint of "California Gurls'" Candyfornia style about it, yet with a more innocent and naïve take.

Unfortunately, these Pip & Pop realms are not human sized, so we can't lose ourselves in these magical surroundings. However, we can take inspiration from Pip & Pop and apply it to our wardrobes because what could be better than sugary sweet, psychedelic rainbow outfits?

1. The Spearmint Pink Fawn Dress

Mint with Pink Fawns Cotton Jersey Blend Sundress, $28, etsy.com

This dress encompasses many Pip & Pop elements including: a candy colored "mint" background, clashing colors, and baby deer. This dress is a must for any true Pip & Pop fan and would make an awesome addition to your summer wardrobe.

2. The Rainbow Unitard

Jaded London Sleeveless Low Back Unitard In Rainbow Print, $87, asos.com

This unitard would be the ultimate piece to wear to a festival this summer. Complete with trippy, psychedelic print and rainbow colors, all you would need to channel full-blown festival chic would be some wacky accessories like a unicorn hat.

3. The Otherwordly Leggings

Galaxy Rainbow Leggings, $60, blackmilkclothing.com

Channel super far out vibes like Iggy Azalea in "Pretty Girls." All you need now is that special, ray gun from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and you can skip and frolic around a Pip & Pop mini world to your heart's content.

4. The Gummy Bear Earrings

Pastel Gummy Bears Stud Earrings Set of 6, $8, claires.com

Get your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fix with these super sweet gummy bear earrings. They come in pastel shades so you can match the usual Pip & Pop pastel color scheme. Mix and match the bears to create an eccentric, multi-colored look.

5. The Whimsical Meadow Fascinator

Quirky Easter Rabbit in a Meadow Fascinator, $62, folksy.com

If you're feeling super quirky, add this whimsical meadow-inspired fascinator to your outfit to make a nod towards the objects Schultz finds on her travels and uses within her artwork.

6. The Rainbow Sunglasses

Rainbow Ombre Flip Retro Sunglasses, $10, hottopic.com

Protect your peepers this summer with these awesome ombre sunglasses. Like the gummy bear earrings, these glasses also feature pastel shades that will subtly show that you're a Pip & Pop fan girl.

7. The Fawn Pendant

Vintage Style Fawn Deer Fawnling Necklace, $25, etsy.com

Isn't this fawn the cutest little button you've ever seen? I reckon she'd definitely give Bambi a run for his money! Wear this adorable necklace to always remind you of Pip & Pop and inspire you to get your creative juices flowing.

8. The Toadstool Terrarium Necklace

Red Mushroom Toadstool Terrarium Necklace, $11, folksy.com

Not a fan of fawns? Still traumatized by that scene in Bambi where he is searching for his mother? Me too, I still hear his cries in my nightmares... So maybe toadstools are more your bag. If so, wear this sweet terrarium necklace to look like you've literally picked up a piece of the Pip & Pop set and made it into a cute keepsake.

9. The Glitter Rainbow Heels

Asos Handpicked Heeled Sandals, $54, asos.com

These rainbow, glittery shoes are reminiscent of the piles of brightly colored sugar used in the majority of Pip & Pop's work. Sweeten up your outfit with these open-toed sandals and escape in your daydreams to a Pip & Pop universe.

So combine rainbow brights, candy-inspired jewelry, and add a touch of woodland whimsy to your summer wardrobe with Pip & Pop inspired outfits.

Images: Flickr/karen_roe (2); Courtesy Brands