Will Kaitlyn Come Clean About Sex With Nick?

Since the earliest promos for Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette were released, ABC has made it obvious that we were supposed to be super shocked by her decision to sleep with Nick Viall, and a few weeks ago, it finally happened. After taking him on a super romantic one-on-one date in Ireland that obviously went exceedingly well, Kaitlyn had sex with Nick, and her choice seems to have had a ripple effect on everything that has happened since. Frontrunner (and resident Ryan Gosling look-alike) Shawn is feeling insecure because of Kaitlyn's connection with Nick, who is basically public enemy number one in the Bachelorette house, and every time the poor Bachelorette thinks about how her actions could have affected the other contestants, she's in tears. The latest development? It looks like the July 6 episode is when Kaitlyn tells the guys that she had sex with Nick, despite the fact that it's none of their business.

According to the promo for Monday's ep, Kaitlyn decides to come clean, and with supposedly disastrous consequences. She breaks down and decides she has to tell everyone the truth — which is totally fine, if that's what she thinks she needs to do, but definitely not necessary. Although she's choosing one of these guys to spend the rest of her life with and the foundation of any solid relationship is honesty, there's no reason in the world she should feel obligated to tell them what she did or did not do in her hotel room with Nick. End of story.

In the real world, this is a really anticlimactic announcement. When a date goes particularly well, a couple may choose to sleep together. It's not headline news, and it happens every day. You have feelings for someone so you had sex? No adult should be shocked at that kind of revelation. I realize that on The Bachelorette, there is this unspoken set of rules that says technically, you shouldn't sleep with anyone outside of the Fantasy Suite dates, but I have a feeling that's a rule that's frequently broken, whether it's caught on camera or not.

It's sweet of Kaitlyn to want to be so forthcoming with these dudes and make sure they have all the information when they're deciding whether or not they want to stick around for the rest of this thing, and it's clear that the fact that she slept with Nick is weighing heavily on her conscience, something that seems seriously unfair to her. Newsflash: Kaitlyn is a grown up, and if she wants to have sex, she can, and she shouldn't feel bad about it. If she wants to tell everyone, she can. If she wants to tell no one, she doesn't have to. It's not our business as fans to know what happened between them, even though the show made the call to keep us in the loop.

Kaitlyn, you do you, girl. I'll be here, watching — and wishing we were besties.

We still have a long way to go until this season of Bachelorette ends, but, as the video below suggests, has the final rose been spoiled for us? (And for more Bustle video, be sure to subscribe to Bustle's YouTube page.)

Image: Clodaugh Kilcoyne/ABC