Chris "Cupcake" For 2016 Bachelor! And No, Not Just Because He's So Darn Sweet

Another week, another fallen Bachelor. Like sprinkles through the corrugated plastic thing on top of a jar of, well, sprinkles, these are the days of a Bachelorette's life. And thus, we said goodbye to Chris "Cupcake" Strandburg as Kaitlyn sent him home... on the top of a cliff... in Ireland. Needless to say, he was devastated. (It's needless, because videos of homeboy crying on that cliff have been seen 'round the world at this point. Poor guy.) But could it be, that once he breaks himself out of his sorrow, Chris "Cupcake" could be the next Bachelor?

It's not entirely impossible. Juan Pablo made certain of that when he became the Bachelor after leaving Desiree's season in Week 6. Now, Chris made it all the way to Week 7, but that does not a Bachelor star make. Still, I don't think he's completely out of the running, looking at who's left in the competition — and how cranky everyone has been since Nick showed up.

Let's recap: There was Ian, who was not very nice to our Bachelorette and who was clearly campaigning to be the next Bachelor. That's probably not going to work in his favor. There was Ben Z., who certainly has the potential to be a less agriculturally inclined Chris Soules. But he also left in Week 7, which isn't a great sign. And then there are the guys who are left. If any of them go home, we're still looking at some odd choices for Bachelor: Jared doesn't quite seem like he could carry a season, Nick has been down this road before, and Shawn B. was just caught in a Snapchat with Kaitlyn. Ben H. could be a contender, but he'd be one of the youngest Bachelors ever.

So that means Cupcake just might have a fightin' chance and here's why he could wind up winning some hearts next season:

1. He's Not Afraid To Be Vulnerable


*Not actual footage of Chris, but wouldn't Bill Hader do a great Cupcake impression?

And you can't have a Bachelor who's not willing to get real in front of the cameras. The man who cried on a cliff in Ireland can certainly handle that task.

2. He's Whimsical


Think of all the dates, you guys. Maybe seven girls can drive cupcakes in a race down Sunset Boulevard, and afterward they end up at Sprinkles Cupcakes shop where they have to decorate treats for dogs (yes, Sprinkles sells dog cupcakes). You're welcome, Chris Harrison.

2. He's Got A Dentist-Approved Million Watt Smile


Look at those pearly whites.

3. Not To Mention, Some Interesting Dance Moves


Never a dull moment with this one.



4. He's Really "Good" At Deciding When Other People Are Ready For Things


OK, so he's really good at trying to decide when other people are ready for things. He said Kaitlyn wasn't ready for real love and that's why she dumped him and while he kind of sounded like a sore loser, that comment also means he's got the skills to send women home with similar speeches. So, it's kind of a plus? In a "good for TV" sense?

5. Despite That Faux Pas, He Was A Pretty Sweet Dude


Sorry, needed another excuse to use these dancing GIFs just one last time.

6. And He's Learned To Not Take His TV Persona Too Terribly Seriously

Essential for surviving any season as the person at the center of all this nonsense.

It could work, y'all.

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