7 Ways Tauruses Handle Conflict In Relationships

Don't mess with the bull or you'll get the horns: although a cheesy metaphor often associated with the Taurus, it doesn't give the full picture of how we respond to conflict. As Taurus women, we are known to be stuck in our ways; while sometimes complacent to the point of stubborn, we do not take well to any sort of changes to our stability, especially within the contexts of love. According to Daily Taurus Horoscope, while some stereotypes of the bull are true, it still takes a lot to provoke us. But when it happens, it isn't good. We are definitely a sign to hold a grudge, and if your offense was big enough to piss us off, chances are you can't make it better.

That being said, we do not value confrontation at all; actually, contrary to popular belief, we try to stay away from it. But when it does happen, we don't tend to handle it very well. So what exactly happens to a Taurus when she finds a rough patch in a relationship? What bothers us, and what are we likely to do to bother her significant other?

Let's just say, control issues are quite the problem for us.

1. We Don't Get Pissed Off Easily

Daily Taurus Horoscopes claims that the Taurus sign is given a bad rap as the raging bull, but when it comes down to it, we just want peace and quiet. We most often try to stay away from fighting with our partner, because we love to make them happy in any way we can. Craving stability, we won't try to rock the boat. At the end of the day, we really aren't ones to provoke anybody, so when someone provokes us, it has to be something really bad. Anything that threatens that stability that we thrive on, or takes away our sense of control will definitely anger us.

But the number one no-no with a Taurus...

2. We'll Go Extra Lengths If You Don't Betray Our Trust

This is by far the quickest way to infuriate us, and chances are once you do this, there's no coming back. Tauruses are incredibly loyal and faithful; in fact, we are some of the best partners in the zodiac because we never stray, and we will go to extra lengths for the person we love.

As Astrolutely claims, this is sometimes our greatest weakness. We don't fall in love easily, but when we do it's a type of “commitment without an escape clause”. You've got us for life, and if you prove unfaithful, you've fundamentally rocked us to our core. Infidelity challenges our stability, and that is the basis of this sign.

3. One Offense May Be The Last

This is where the stubbornness comes in that Taurus is so famous for. As I said before, we have a very large threshold of tolerance, but once you cross it, it's hard to come back from. If a person pisses us off, we will hold onto the anger, sometimes for life. Daily Taurus Horoscope says our inability to forget makes it hard to progress in a relationship when serious conflict has occurred, and if that serious conflict means a partner has strayed, forget about it. Our tendency to hold grudges in the end could break our relationships.

4. We're A Little Possessive

This goes hand-in-hand with our need for emotional stability and fidelity. Astrolutely explains that the phrase “If you want something, you must first give it wings and send it on,” was specifically made for us, because we have a hard time giving those we love space. Like I said, we do not fall in love lightly, so when we do, we expect our partners to be there for us always as we will be for them. This usually involves asking for constant validation, and testing our partners to prove their love.

This can be a huge point of contention within our relationships, because we may accidentally smother those we love by holding onto them too tightly.

5. Our Standards May Be Too High

I am so guilty of this. Daily Taurus Horoscope notes that because we're ruled by Venus, and possess a love for beauty and perfection, we tend to idealize our partners. The problem? No one can ever measure up to our standards of a perfect relationship. When we're not questioning our partners to make sure they love us, we're testing them to make sure they meet our requirements of the ideal man or woman.

You can see why this isn't really a good thing.

6. We Don't Really Stick Up For Ourselves During Confrontation

We're all guilty of our partner asking us, “What's wrong?” and responding by replying “Nothing.” in such a way that suggests everything's wrong. Because we don't like conflict, we won't really communicate and tell our partners when we're upset, trying to upkeep that sense of stability even when its just a facade.

The worst part is, if we are being accused of doing something wrong, we often have a tendency to be submissive and let our partners walk all over us. Daily Taurus Horoscope explains that because we are such a giving sign who focuses so much of our attention on our partner's happiness, we run the risk of being emotionally abused if we are taken advantage of.

7. If You Need To Redeem Yourself With Us, We're Suckers For Pretty Things (Hint, Hint)

So how do you make up with a Taurus if you've seen the bulls horns? Well, if you haven't done something as unmentionable as cheating, and you've only slightly annoyed us, there is a way to redeem yourself. We love the beautiful things in life, be it art, or nice dinners, or traveling. Daily Taurus Horoscope suggests to take us somewhere pretty, and buy us flowers. Prove your undying love for us by reciting us poetry you've written, and chances are we won't be able to resist.

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