11 'Scream Queens' Fashions For Horror Enthusiasts

I am counting down the days on my phone calendar to when the new teen horror/comedy series Scream Queens will be unleashed in late September. If like me, you just can't wait, why not start to channel Scream Queens fashion to get us in a spine tingling mood? Scream Queens is created by the brains behind Glee and American Horror Story, so you can imagine the incredible juxtaposition that occurs there. The story follows the Kappa Kappa Tau (KKT) Sorority of Wallace University and begins with the initiation night of their new pledges. However, all hell breaks loose when a terrible "accident" occurs, which then leads to a devilish masked murderer plotting their next attack on the girls in the sorority. It appears this isn't the first attack of its kind; with a similar incident occurring in (what appears to be) the cursed sorority house 20 years ago. Think Mean Girls meets Scream and you're on the right track.

Aside from the genius storyline and fabulous black comedy genre — I am ridiculously rubbish with actual horror movies, so I am relieved to have the element of humor — I am most looking forward to the portrayal of the characters by the super star studded cast. Emma Roberts takes the lead as the president of KKT, Ariana Grande stars as a member of her clique, Jamie Lee Curtis plays the authority figure as the dean, and Glee star Lea Michele is a new pledge and rival to Roberts' character. Plus, there's a subtle, witty nod towards '80s movie Heathers, whereby Roberts' girl gang (including Emma Roberts) are all named "Chanel."

As of yet, we haven't seen too many clues as to the characters' individual styles, but IMO the overall aesthetic is Clueless meets Goosebumps . So while we wait for this comedic thriller to come onto our screens, here are some pieces that would be perfect for a Scream Queen.

1. The Horror Gal Dress

Hell Bunny Horror Gal '50s Dress, $30,

Stay rad in this teen horror movie-inspired, graphic, '50s-style dress.

2. The Scream Statement Necklace

Aarrghhhh Necklace, approx. $93,

Let it all out with this cool scream inspired necklace.

3. The Blood Splattered Bow

Blood Splatter Halloween Fabric Hair Bow, $6,

Look super cute yet totally creepy in this blood splattered hair bow that will have everyone looking twice.

4. The Pretty Skull Bikini

Sugar Skull Polka Dot Swim Top, $20, & Sugar Skull Polka Dot Swim Bottoms, $20,

Channel a vintage vibe in this subtly spooky, skull print bikini with a blood red trim.

5. The Die Young Cardigan

Lucky 13 Stay Pretty Cardigan, $53,

Juxtapose a classic, ladylike cardigan and a terrifying print for a sophisticatedly ghoulish look. This design is available in sizes S to 3X.

6. The Creepy Doll's Eye Ring

Blinking Eye Ring, approx. $6,

Possibly the creepiest of the bunch is this freaky doll's eye ring that opens and closes its eyelid as you wear it. This is the stuff of nightmares.

7. The Sparkly Pink Shoes With A Deceptive Pattern

Death's Diner Sandal Platform, approx. $93,

These sparkly pink, strappy sandals look like something your grandmother would approve of — aside from the high heel height. But when you take a closer look at the pattern on the shoes, you realize things aren't quite as they seem; the awesome illustrations include hamburgers with eyeballs, snake-filled sundaes, and cupcakes featuring rockabilly guys' heads with worms squirming out of their sockets. In short: You need these shoes.

8. The Miss Murder Patch

Kreepsville 666 Miss Murder Arch Iron On Patch, $5,

Give your girlfriends the heebie jeebies with this cool iron-on patch. The plot line of Scream Queens appears to be akin to a horror version of the classic board game Cluedo — any one of the characters could be behind that red mask, including the girls themselves. Keep your eyes peeled for clues!

9. The Kill Me Later Flats

Kill Me Later Flat, approx. $51,

With a masked killer on the loose, you're gonna' need to be able to run... and fast! Enter these quirky, black flats patterned with skulls, roses, and crucifixes; you know, just in case the killer turns out to be some kind of supernatural being. You never know these days.

10. The Knife Necklace

Psycho Movie Killer Necklace, $78,

Don't forget to defend yourself with a weapon, because no one knows when the killer is going to attack. We've seen Emma Roberts setting an example in this exciting teaser clip.

What better pendant could there be than a necklace modeled on the knife used in Hitchcock's classic thriller Psycho?

11. The Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

Skeleton Hand Hair Clip Peach Flower, $4,

Look utterly bone chilling in these sweet yet ghostly skeleton hand hair clips.

Images: 20th Century Fox Television; Ryan Murphy Productions; Brad Falchuk Teley-vision; ScreamQueens/YouTube (3); Courtesy Brands