Joey Gladstone Is TV's Favorite Man-Child

In every child's life — including mine and yours — there comes a realization that is equal parts terrifying and liberating. It's that moment when you realize that some — nay, most adults don't have a clue what they're doing. For me, that revelation was hurried along by heavy exposure to the great family sitcoms of the '90s and the struggling parents and teachers whose age alone couldn't keep them out of comic misunderstandings and shenanigans. But the main source of my reality check was Joey Gladstone, the resident man-child of Full House .

Joey may have been old enough to drive, drink, and vote, but he still struggled to get his life together. He was like a lot of my peers right now: proto-adults who still need a parental once-over on their taxes and who changed careers three times since graduating college. But beyond Joey's job issues, dating woes, and really questionable jokes, there was a family who would have done anything for him, and vice versa. Because the most "adult" thing you can do, really, is be there for the people who love you. So to celebrate all the adulthood pressures that Joey Gladstone took off of my shoulders, here are eight times that he let his inner child shine.

1. When He Danced Like Nobody Was Watching

Looking cool is so overrated. Everyone wants to hang out with the guy who's having the most fun.

2. When He Responded To The Prospect Of A Love Triangle Just Like A Teenage Boy

This eight-way voiceover is a classic Full House moment, featuring Joey being remarkably delusional about Becky's feelings for him.

3. When He Knew How To Speak Baby So Well That He Used It Against Jesse

Sometimes, Joey seemed more like one of the Tanner children than the adults responsible for feeding and clothing them. That understanding helped whenever he needed to exert some influence over Uncle Jesse.

4. When His Best Friend Was A Woodchuck Puppet

And he got paid for it!

5. When A Real Adult Had To Break Up An Epic Milk Fight

Keep those boys in line, Rebecca.

6. When He Dressed For Success, Even In The Shower

By land or by sea, grown-man style never takes a break.

7. When He Had His Own Catchphrase (You Know, Like A Grown-Up)

Never forget "Cut. it. out." Despite his lack of success as a stand-up comedian, Joey really stuck with that catchphrase, even annoying people with it in his daily life. And that's why he killed it as a children's entertainer. No one loves the comedy of repetition more than kids, big or little.

8. When His Search Party Strategy Had Some Flaws

Suffice it to say, this did not work.

Stay forever young, Joey Gladstone! Thanks for letting me know early on that adults were still allowed to be silly, loud, and confused sometimes.

Images: isthisausername, mindykalings, f-yeahfullhouse, peteneems, skidroses (2), gifshows, stevenlathrop/Tumblr