5 Times Karlie Kloss Showed Off Bold Beauty

Although models rock a lot of bold runway trends, there's nothing better than seeing their off-duty looks. Karlie Kloss's blue eyeshadow is definitely a departure from her normal style, but she flaunted the mermaid-esque makeup with ease and totally rocked it. There's no better time to experiment with funky beauty looks than in the summer, and Kloss shows us first hand a thing or two about experimenting with your makeup routine.

The model took to Instagram to show off a colorful smoky eye during her time in London, proving that a little color never hurt anybody. Kloss sipped on her tea as she sat decked out in a bold blue eye and enough diamond jewelry to make anyone stop and stare. But even paired with three diamond rings, a necklace, and a bracelet, her eye shadow stole the show.

Kloss might be a fan of the all-natural beauty look, but she sure knows how to add some color when the mood strikes. She knows how to add just enough boldness to land any warm weather trend. This is one model who knows just as much about style off the runway as she does on and I can only imagine I'll be seeing the sea-inspired look for the rest of summer now that Taylor Swift's bestie has been spotted trying it out.

While some of the greatest looks come from models who constantly choose to go bold, the best lessons come from the beauty minimalists who decide to try something new. Kloss is the perfect summer makeup inspiration for the woman who knows when to hold back and when to go big.

Let's check out some other times Kloss has mixed things up with her makeup looks, shall we?

1. Heavy gloss

The '90s trend has been rejuvenated with Kloss's love for a little boldness. She might not go all-out every day, but she shows us that a glossy lip can look great.

2. Sultry eye

She walked the runway sporting this fierce eye look, which might have very well been the precursor to her blue shadow. Either way, Kloss was excited to show off her smokey look behind the scenes.

3. Pop of red

Kloss's famous best friend may have rubbed off on her a little bit, inspiring her to rock that "red lip classic thing that you like."

4. Bold lashes

The model showed off a bold lash, liner, and lip combination at Cannes this year. As much as she loves going natural, her dramatic styles are just as flawless as when she goes fresh faced.

5. Over-lined

She kicked off summer in style at the Met Gala with her over-lined eye and heavy bronzer, showing us all that she wasn't holding back this season.

The model sure knows a thing or two about pulling out all the stops when it comes to warm weather beauty tricks.