Kendall & Kylie's Back To School Line Is Coming

It may be getting closer to that dreaded back to school season, but that means another exciting date is also approaching Kendall and Kylie's back to school line for PacSun is launching this month, and that’s sure to make hitting the books again a little bit easier, right?

The younger Jenner sister announced via Twitter that the line will drop on July 18th, and if it’s anything like their other PacSun collections (or the ladies' wardrobes) this line won’t disappoint! Based on the one photo they’ve released so far, the back to school line will have more of that boho vibe and a hint of pirate a la Kendall’s Coachella look. Is anyone else excited yet?

Both Jenner sisters always kill it with their own personal style, so I’m hoping that some of the things they’re into recently inspired the line in some way. I mean long line vests and cropped sweatshirts, anyone? Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Although we don't need to wait too much longer until their latest selection of PacSun clothing will be available to shop, there’s still just enough time to get super anxious and excited about what the line will look like. So let’s take a look at some of Kendall and Kylie’s latest OOTDs that we so hope to see again, just in time for school.

1. Long line Vests

I'm loving how versatile long line vests are, so I pray a few of these are making their way into the latest collection.

2. Sporty Jumpsuits

There's nothing like a little sporty-chic for back to school time, you know what I mean?

3. Cropped Sweatshirt

A cropped sweatshirt would be perfect for layering. #ClassroomStyle

4. Sandals

Can this line please have some killer sandals JUST like these?

5. Onesie

I mean, this defines lazy girl chic, so, it's perfect for rolling out of bed and straight to class.

6. Co-Ord Knits

A matching ensemble like this one is great for looking put together with very little effort. Just what I need in the mornings, and I'm sure you can relate!

7. Classic Pieces

It wouldn't be a back to school line without some classics mixed in.

Now it's just a matter of counting down the days until the collection is available to shop. I'll go back to school if it means I'll be able to look super cute while doing it. The sacrifices I make for fashion, you know?