Nicky Hilton Isn't Afraid to Bare Her Butt

Most women unintentionally flash a butt here and there (remember Kendall Jenner's peekaboo butt last month?), but now one socialite is rocking underbutt like it's NBD. On Monday, Nicky Hilton stepped out in a sheer white, butt-baring dress, and the daring look is awesomely body positive.

I get scared off by even the "cheeky" bikinis at Victoria's Secret. Meanwhile, Hilton is confident enough to show off her butt in public at the Atelier Versace show. Can you teach me your ways, Nicky? Whoever thinks this look is too revealing is totally wrong. We praise celebs who free the nipple, so who's not to say freeing the butt is only the next logical step? I think a #freethebutt hashtag is certainly in order.

Thanks to Hilton, I'll be less shy about my butt now. As surprising as that sounds, if she can feel comfortable in her skin wearing this chic dress in front of paparazzi, there's no reason for anyone to be ashamed of a little nudity. Personally, I think she pulls it off like a total badass, but you can take a look and judge for yourself. The dress is gorgeous from the front and unexpectedly sexy from the back, so what's not to love? The addition of the red belly Louboutin stilettos don't hurt, either.

Technically she was going to a fashion show, where taking a stylistic risk when in attendance is often appreciated. We normally expect something as shameless like this from Miley or Rihanna, so I applaud Hilton for giving it a go.

Fashion fail? Pshhh, yeah right. Women who support other women baring their butts, for the win. Here's a picture of the dress on the Versace S/S '15 runway for comparison.

If it's doable on the runway, it's certainly doable in real life. Take that, butt shamers.

Images: Twitter/dailymailceleb (1); thedreamrabbit (1)