How To Use 10 Words From 'Clueless' In Convo Today

by Amy Sachs

I don't want to be a traitor to my generation, but Clueless just might be the best teen movie ever made. I mean, isn't Cher classic? Those quotes and outfits date all the way back to 1995! Nothing brings on a full bout of 90's nostalgia like Cher, Tai, and Dionne, and their brick-sized cell phones and plaid miniskirts. From makeovers to the mall, Cluless never seems to age, even though we all have. Watch it in 2005 or 2015, and you'll find the same amazingly quotable movie. Now, that's classic!

Celebrity journalist Jen Chaney took her love of Clueless to the next level. She compiled countless interviews and fun facts to write As If!: An Oral History of Clueless . I know, you read that title and now you're totally buggin'! I was, too. Luckily, Jen Chaney put together truly everything you ever wanted to know about Clueless and Cher Horowitz — including, most importantly, the origin of those witty, quippy lines you still find yourself quoting, even in 2015. Chaney made herself slang dictionaries, and followed around real Beverly Hills teenagers, noting how they spoke, what they watched, and what music they listened to. The result was some of the greatest teen movie dialogue around.

Here are 10 words and phrases Cher and her friends made famous that we definitely could (and obviously should) still use, even now!

Totally Buggin'

What it means: Freaking out.

Today: That feeling you get when that guy you met once likes a 70-week-old Instagram.


What it means: No way!

Today: "As if!" is what you say when someone asks you to go out when HELLO! you've already started your Netflix binge.

Way Harsh!

What it means: Extremely hurtful.

Today: What you say when the person you were so sure was going to text you... doesn't.


What it means: Something that is attractive from a distance, but not up close.

Today: This is how literally everyone's lives look in real life compared to Instagram.


What it means: A very attractive girl.

Today: Taylor Swift, probably.


What it means: "vehicular sex."

Today: There's... no way for this to change.

Hymenally Challenged

What it means: a virgin.

Today: Someone who is not prude but is definitely selective about who they're dating.


What it means: A cute guy (like the Baldwin brothers, or Paul Rudd, Duh!)

Today: *swipe right*


What it means: A generic, unattractive guy.

Today: *swipe left*

In On the Heavy Clambakes

What it means: To be up on the social scene.

Today: That friend who seriously always has plans.

Now, if you don't start using some of these words, I'll be totally buggin'.

Image: Paramount Pictures; Giphy (10)