Who Is Megan Rapinoe's Girlfriend? Sera Cahoone Is All Sorts Of Talented Herself

Being a self-proclaimed soccer hipster — liking the game before it was deemed “cool” — I can say that I have been long acquainted, at least, from a far, with the likes of USWNT member, Megan Rapinoe. Though, despite cheering her on and sending some impassioned mid-game tweets in the past, I didn’t know much about her, as a person, at all. Things, for instance, like who exactly Megan Rapinoe is dating — or whether she dating anyone at all.

Well, according to the New York Post and some very sweet social media pics, it appears that she is in a relationship. The New York Post reported in June that Rapinoe is dating Sera Cahoone, a singer-songwriter. Sorry to anyone who thought they were going to get their own chance with the soccer player. It ain’t happening.

Considering that Cahoone is a star in her own right, what with the singing and the writing and all, I figured we should turn the spotlight away from Rapinoe for just a moment, and give her girlfriend a chance to shine. Because, unlike her sports star GF, it's doubtful that a musical artist would be honored with a ticker tape parade in New York City.

Here are four things to know about Megan Rapinoe’s girlfriend, Sera Cahoone:

1. She's All Sorts Of Talented

NPR Music on YouTube

Encore, you say? Sure!

Sub Pop on YouTube


2. She's SO Supportive

Even if no one showed up to her matches (which, would never happen), I'm sure Rapinoe wouldn't notice, anyway. This girl's got the cheering squad totally covered.

3. She Has An Incredibly Interesting Backstory

According to her website, SeraCahoone.com,

It's not every day you meet someone whose so intimately connected with dynamite, ya know?

4. She Has An Unexpected Muse

Whatever works, right? That much cuteness would inspire me, too.

Image: seracahoone/Instagram