Jessica Simpson And Daughter Maxwell Twin So Hard

by Augusta Statz

Former "newlywed," Jessica Simpson, is a total style star (I know you have a pair of her shoes, too), so it comes as no surprise that her daughter would be equally as glamorous. Jessica Simpson and daughter Maxwell look so much alike that the resemblance is uncanny. On top of that, they are constantly twinning with their outfit choices as well. Simpson’s Instagram is littered with pictures of her adorable, loving family, and it comes off as though she’s got the perfect life. Her blonde-haired children are basically the cutest, and when the whole family is together, you can tell they know how to have a good time. Sports will definitely be passed off to Ace thanks to his dad, and as for little Maxwell, let’s say she’s got the beauty department covered.

From makeup to posing, Maxi’s quickly picking up on some of her mom’s secrets, which is another huge contributing factor to how they twin so hard. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll allow these Instagram pics to illustrate exactly what I mean.Here are 7 times that Jessica Simpson and her daughter twinned like no other pair could (not even actual twins, you guys). Get ready to be amazed by this stunning pair!

1. Red, White, And Blue Coordination

She's showing so much patriotism!

And Maxwell's matching mama in red, white, and blue.

2. Holding Something Adorable

Maxi's holding what she loves very close!

And so is her mom!

3. Ready For Their Close-Ups

She had some fun playing with makeup.

And now they're both glam! OK, how alike do they look in these photos?

4. Using Those Lips

How sweet!

Aww! These ladies know how to share the love!

5. Tounge Out

Being silly for the camera!

Now I see where she got it from!

6. Matching In White

They look so gorgeous walking down the aisle together!

7. Poolside Posing

We've got a miniature super model on our hands!

Nailing that bathing suit pose!

Yep, there's no denying — Maxwell got it from her mama!