You Can Stay In A Sleeping Capsule On A Cliff

Have you ever been high atop a cliff and just really felt like you needed a nap that very second? (I have no frame of reference, but I've heard high altitudes can make you tired.) What I'm trying to say here is that if you are a sleepy thrill-seeker then you need to head to the Peruvian Andes immediately. Because then you can hang in the Peruvian Andies Skylodge, made up of three transparent pods at 400 feet above the ground on a cliff-face. It's near the city of Cuzco, the capsules are 24 x 8 meters, and yes, it is the experience of a lifetime.

The capsules are made from polycarbonate and aluminum and they are operated by the Peruvian tour company Natura Vive. The capsules overlook the Sacred Valley and the small villages and roads below. It's essentially like sleeping on a cliff, but you're guaranteed security and good food.

So how do you get into these luxury accommodations? You just casually climb a 400-foot steel ladder embedded into a cliff. (Currently sweating with anxiety while typing this.) It costs $300 (USD), which some would say is a small price to pay for GLORY. (I would say it's a high price to pay to completely abandon your safety, but that's just me.)

Without further ado, here are the capsules.

This could be your future bed:

That'd be the view you'd wake up to.

And you could be enjoying luxury dining:

See that capsule? That's where you could be!

And all you have to do to get there... is this:

For the whole experience, watch the whole video:

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