Nicky Hilton's Wedding Shoes Are Simply Adorable

It's official — Nicky Hilton is married, and the lavish wedding was certainly worthy of a Hilton. Paris' younger sis wed James Rothschild in a gorgeous ceremony at Kensington Palace. That's right, Hilton's wedding was fit for a princess, from the dress, to the location, to the shoes. In fact, the shoes might have been the best part. Hilton showed off her white Louboutin wedding shoes on Instagram, and they are too precious.

To match her Kate Middelton-esque lace gown (complete with a gorgeous veil and long sleeves), Hilton sported a pair of customized, white satin Louboutin pumps that consisted of the perfect level of wedding cheesiness. On the back and heel of each shoe, Hilton had the words "Mrs. Rothschild" embroidered in white, as well as the most adorable "N hearts J" and the wedding date. Hilton couldn't hide her wedding bliss, and posted the shoe detail on Instagram with the caption, "It's official!" Simply, perfect. I mean, what's better than the perfect pair of shoes for the perfect couple?

For Hilton, who definitely had a fairy tale-level wedding (I mean her sister basically sported the equivalent of a Cinderella dress as a bridesmaid), it seems like every small detail was perfect, which is what every bride deserves. The combination of the long-sleeve lace gown and the pair of pumps with a major personal touch was flawless. Take a peek at Hilton's shoes below:

And though her heels are definitely heiress-level elegant (and price tag), many brides are taking unique risks when it comes to their choice of shoes. Here is some of the finest wedding shoe inspo from Instagram, for those who want to take their nuptial footwear game to the next level.

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