Woman Shuts Down Her Boyfriend's Fat-Shaming Trolls On Reddit In The Perfect Way

The Internet can be a wonderful place (see: any cat video ever), but just as often, it can seriously test your faith in humanity. For that reason, it was more depressing than surprising when a bunch of trolls on Reddit attacked Christopher Glenn Reed after a photo of him was posted on Reddit, but for once, this kind of story has a happy ending. Once she discovered the online bullies, Reed's girlfriend shut down her boyfriend's fat shamers with the best tools around: a smiley face and some badass confidence.

The photo in question showed Reed and Ashley Stevens after she caught the bouquet at a wedding, with Reed making an adorably apprehensive face (there's some pretty epic side-eye from the father as well.). "My friend caught the bouquet. That is her boyfriend in the background," explained the caption.

It's your average "commitment-phobe boyfriend" joke, but the post quickly caught the attention of Reddit. Unfortunately, it wasn't for the intended reason. The post had more than 2,600 comments calling Reed "fat" and "disgusting," or saying he looked like someone with Down Syndrome. Stevens and Reed, in the meantime, had no idea that thousands of Redditors were discussing their relationship.

Eventually, however, the picture's notoriety made it back to Stevens, who took to Facebook to call out the haters.

"It surprises me just how many people are quick to judge when they don't even know you," she wrote. "Well let me just tell you, I won the jackpot with Christopher. He may not have rock hard abs like the world tells girls to want in a guy, but really, why does that even matter when you are trying to really find someone to spend the rest of your life with?"

In the tradition of the best shade-throwing, the post ended with a smiley face and a reminder of how cute she knows they are.

"So as of us and those rude comments, we know the truth and we will block out the haters. ;) Enjoy our picture though. LOL," she concluded.

(You can read the post in its entirety over at The Independent .)

Reed, for his part, seems floored by the attention. "So I know this is now overload but we just had a reporter contact us from People Magazine... I'm kinda freaking out now," he wrote on Facebook. Like all good boyfriends, he also knew to share the spotlight.

"I can not put into words the thankfulness and joy it brings me to see so many people that are standing behind me and Ashley," he wrote.

Now that's how you handle Internet drama. Snaps all around for both parties.


Images: FellSamurai/Reddit, Giphy