This Girl's Snapchat Is Amazing

Who said Snapchat photos can't be a work of art? A Norwegian 20-year-old named Nann, whose Snapchat username is NannLL, creates incredible Snapchat masterpieces where she turns herself into a variety of characters ranging from classic Disney princesses like Sleeping Beauty, to pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe or Nicki Minaj on the Anaconda cover, to other recognizable images like the queen of hearts or an actual banana. Trust me — you're going to want to follow her. It's so, so worth it.

Though Snapchat basically started out as as a sexting app — or at least, an app that was particularly conducive to sending non-incriminating nudes — it's more popularly used by us Millennials to document the mundane baggage of our day to day lives. Myself? I'm most likely to use Snapchat when I'm either bored at the airport, bored in a car, bored in line waiting for coffee, or bored at the gym, because seriously, how do people not get bored running five miles on a treadmill with nothing to look at besides ESPN re-runs of old basketball games on the TV screen? Occasionally, I will use Snapchat when I look really good, like when my eyebrows are particularly on fleek or my hair is the perfect amount of wavy, but I will disguise the reasoning as something else — like, "Look! A lovely day!" or "LOL humpday, amiright?" so people don't think I'm a narcissist.

Tangential ramblings about my personal Snapchat use aside, though, it's particularly impressive when someone is able to defeat the temptation of just using Snapchat to send ugly selfies — and when you add the fact that they can use the drawing tool to create a masterpiece at the touch of a finger? It's mind-blowing. Check out some of these works of art by NannLL, the queen of Snapchat (who, by the way is also on Instagram @queenofsnapchat):

But Nann isn't the only Snapchat royalty out there. Check out these three Snapchat accounts that are killing it with the beautiful, creative masterpieces.

1. @BeyTomce

College student Tom White, better known as BeyTomce on Twitter, is well-known for dressing himself up as Disney princesses for the Snapchat world to enjoy.

2. @meandmyboifriend

Molly Mitchell (snapchat: biggie_molls), the genius user behind @meandmyboifriend draws photos of her and her "boifriend" (that is, a Snapchat doodle of an imaginary-yet-perfect significant other). It's pretty amusing, and her dedication is commendable.

3. @mplatco

Mike Platco, who considers himself a Snapchat artist and influencer, creates beautiful, detailed snaps documenting his life and turning it into artwork.

Images: queenofsnapchat; meandmyboifriend, mplatco/Instagram