Get To Know The Creepy Kid From 'Trainwreck'

There's a lot to love about Amy Schumer's new movie, Trainwreck , starting with Schumer herself; the writer and star is pitch-perfect in the movie, which features her fictional self as a woman coping with her falling in love for the very first time. There's also the amazing supporting cast, including Bill Hader as a sweet sports doctor, LeBron James as a Downton Abbey-loving version of himself, and Brie Larson as Amy's mature older sister. Some of the best roles, though, are by actors less familiar to audiences, such as Amy's preteen nephew. Viewers might be wondering: who plays Allistar in Trainwreck ? The kid is just too good at being that perfect mix of creepy and adorable to be a total newcomer, right?

Somehow, though, he is. The actor behind the odd Allistar, who says things like "Mother, if I kiss your belly very hard, will the baby feel it?" is Evan Brinkman, a 12-year-old with only two credits to his name before Trainwreck. In 2013, he starred in Doctor Bello, a drama featuring Vivica A. Fox and Isaiah Washington, and later that year, he appeared in a short film called Torn. After more people see his performance in Trainwreck, though, his career should only get bigger and better.

Yet while Brinkman may be my new favorite creepy/adorable (cradorable? Let's work on that) kid in pop culture, he's far from the first one to make a memorable on-screen impression. A few of the best cradorable (it's catching) children from movies and TV:

1. Kira, Orphan Black

Kira is a brilliant and kind-hearted child, and has helped her mom and aunts time and time again. Yet she is also incredibly weird, never seeming to exhibit normal reactions or desires like, you know, going to school or having a few friends. It's not the fault of actress Skyler Wexler. Kira's just odd.

2. Matilda, Matilda

She may be a feminist icon and a beloved heroine of '90s kids everywhere, but Matilda is one weird kid, you guys.

3. Ray, Jerry Maguire

I did not know that the human head weighs eight pounds, and I did not want to know, but you're telling me anyway and it is uncomfortable.

4. Lily, Modern Family

I'm sorry, but Lily is one creepy kid. She may be cute, but that doesn't excuse how uncomfortable I imagine an interaction with her would be, thanks to her deep stares and her habit of spouting one-liners.

5. Robin, Game of Thrones

A sweet face. A terrifying Oedipus Complex.

6. Cole, The Sixth Sense

The ultimate cradorable kid, Cole is totally cute — until he opens his mouth. And then he starts going off on "seeing dead people" and stuff like that. What gives?!

Welcome, Allistar, to the line-up of cradorable on-screen children, and props, Evan Brinkman, for bringing him to life. Trainwreck is better with this kid on-board.

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