Will Elizabeth & Poldark Get Back Together On The PBS Masterpiece Show? Not If There Is Any Justice In This World

OK folks, time to hop on the costume drama train. I mean it, PBS Masterpiece series Poldark is airing right now and it's so good. Super quick rundown, for those not already on board: Military man Ross Poldark returns to his home in England after fighting in the American Revolutionary War. He gets back and it's all bad. Like, war probably seemed kinder-type bad. His lady-love is engaged to his cousin, his dad is dead, the family mine has run dry, everyone is like, "Whoa, we thought you were dead... sorry, you've got no money left!" But in a very polite, British way. It's a rough homecoming, and it begs the question will Poldark and Elizabeth ever get back together? Or will it be too hard to overcome the whole "I'm now engaged to your cousin" thing?

Well, one of the first things Ross Poldark does when he gets back is he rescues a boy from getting beat up in town. Only it's not a boy, it's a street urchin girl, whose family also beats on her. He brings her back to his place to be his kitchen maid (not an innuendo) and bam the urchin is actually the stunningly beautiful Demelza. They spend the next two years (it goes by quickly, in just a few episodes) being friends and having sizzling sexual tension until they wind up in bed together. Now, in any other period-story, they would just have a regular old torrid affair, but this is Poldark, and he is a dreamy hero who very promptly marries her (she's not even pregnant!). The wedding is hasty, and every one is shocked.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is still married to his cousin, but Poldark clearly still harbors feelings for her. I mean, I guess that makes sense, he went through an entire war planning to marry her, and that takes a while to fade. Elizabeth also makes way more sense for him. But, this is an epic romance we are talking about here, and you better believe I am rooting for the kitchen maid over the proper-girl every day of the week.

Now, this is all just speculation but I don't think Poldark and Elizabeth will ever truly reunite. Poldark is way too honorable, and I don't see him going back on his vows. Maybe, possibly they could have some sort of quick tryst (maybe after Elizabeth catches her husband cheating?) but it wouldn't be anything more then that. A small attempt to recapture the magic of the past, that would ultimately turn their memories to dust. In the end, Poldark + Demelza forever.

Images: Robert Viglasky/PBS; giphy