Alexa Chung & British 'Vogue' Launch Docu-Series, But This Isn't The First Time She's Done Fashion Journalism

Ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes in the world of fashion? Well, look no further— British Vogue has teamed up with Alexa Chung on an exclusive docu-series that gives you an inside look at the most stylish industry. That's right, Chung will be on-screen once again with a series of interviews that will tell you everything you've ever wanted to know about fashion.

According to Vogue, Chung's goal is "to find out what the future holds for this multi-billion pound industry; how the next generation will get careers using all the tools available to them; and what the landscape looks like in terms of sustainability and technology." Because it's more than just pretty clothes and gorgeous models that keeps the industry running — it's so much more than that.

In the trailer for the series, Chung addresses some common misconceptions about the industry, explaining that most people's perspective of fashion is just the few glamorous moments captured at events like Fashion Week.

"Actually, it's occupied and driven by people who are highly creative, highly intelligent," Chung says. And she's totally right. I mean think about it — imagine how much work and the number of people it must take to make some of those amazing gowns from Couture Week.

Check out the trailer below:

British Vogue on YouTube

This is not Chung's first time exploring everything fashion has to offer. From her start as a model, to working for fashion mags, and even making her own designs, Chung is definitely a renaissance woman. Take a look at just a few of the many times she took her love of fashion beyond just wearing stylish outfits..

1. She has her own denim collection

Though Chung herself has modeled for some of the top brands in the industry, that didn't stop the innovator from creating her own clothing line. This January, the It-Girl paired up with denim brand AG to launch an all-denim collection, featuring items from overalls to (of course) chic pairs of jeans.

2. She's done a bunch of fashion TV stuff

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether she's on the catwalk or sitting front row, Chung is a frequent guest at Fashion Week and has done plenty of fashion-related television. Early in her career in 2008, Chung was on a British TV show called Gok's Fashion Fix as was a fashion reporter, interviewing head honchos in the industry and testing out the latest trends (today, she basically makes the trends herself). Definitely sounds like a dream job to me.

3. She even writes, too

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Besides being a TV veteran at this point (I can't be the only one who watched her show on MTV), and appearing on the cover of many fashion mags, Chung actually has quite a bit of fashion magazine experience in the writing department, as well. She has contributed to British magazines such as Company, The Independent, and Vogue, and has even told Into the Gloss that she primarily considers herself a journalist.

This means we're probably going to get a lot more Chung bylines, and maybe less magazine spreads. Not complaining about that.

Images: Alexa Chung x AG Jeans, Getty (2)