Clay Honeycutt Could Be A 'BB17' Twin Twist, Too

Fans have been speculating on the Big Brother 17 Twin Twist since before the game started, with some even saying that a set of triplets would be in the game. Another fan theory was that two (or more) sets of twins might get play. Once the Twin Twist involving Liz and Julia was officially announced, the theories pretty much died down amongst viewers, but paranoia has kicked theorizing into overdrive in the Big Brother house. The latest idea? Clay Honeycutt has a twin.

So many theories get thrown around the house that it's sometimes tough to tell what they're taking seriously and what's just a joke. At this point, almost every houseguest has been suspected of having a twin in the game, especially by Jason, who's become twin-obsessed, with Austin right behind him. Jason even said once that they might each have a twin. Most of these theories are laughed off but some have caught on and spread throughout the house.

One of the best/worst ideas, of course, is to bring a theory to the HoH, who can then use what he or she learns to solidify alliances or put somebody on the block, and that's what happened this weekend with the Clay theory.

First, Austin brought it to Vanessa.

Then Vanessa and Shelli talked about it.

One can only imagine that after having Julia reveal herself as a twin to Vanessa, Vanessa deemed herself the Twin Whisperer and decided to confront Clay. During a late night conversation, she asked him, “Is there any way that you’re a twin?” She prefaced the question by saying that she’s not very perceptive, so if she was able to pick up on his twin-ness, there must be other houseguests thinking it too. The supposed evidence stacked against him included a different haircut, a different beard, and a cut on his knee. As Vanessa said, “I’m really tuned into hair.”

Clay took the bait for a while, clearly amused, and then shut it down by saying he is most definitely not a twin. Vanessa was obviously not satisfied even after grilling him about conversations they’ve had, so she kept pushing it and asked if he was a triplet. (Three Clay Honeycutts, guys. Three of them.)

When nothing else settled her down, Clay showed Vanessa a scar and birthmark he has and promised to show her again every day.

Throughout the entire conversation, Clay enjoyed himself so much that it makes me wonder if he’ll be spreading this theory in days to come. If he is a twin, it might be a great strategy: Make a big show of it by accentuating the "differences" so everyone thinks it’s a joke. While Liz and Julia are trying to hide their status, he's putting it out in the open so people will think it's fake.

Most of the fans, including former BB players, are in agreement that this theory is completely bonkers and a clear sign of the houseguests’ growing paranoia.

But, if there were another set of twins, I certainly wouldn't be mad if it was Clay. The more of his body, the better.

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