'OITNB' Deserves More Emmys

The Emmy nominates will be announced by Cat Deeley and Uzo Aduba on Thursday, who have previously been winners and nominees themselves. Cat Deeley has been nominated four times for Outstanding Host for a Reality or a Reality-Competition Program, and Uzo Aduba won last year for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. (Aduba won for guest because Crazy Eyes was not yet promoted to full character.) Sadly, her victory remains to be the only acting win for the show, as well as the highest-profile win, because Orange Is The New Black only has three Emmys to its name despite three beloved seasons.

Orange Is The New Black is a critically-acclaimed, fan favorite, and politically significant show, but it has been under appreciated by the Television Academy. Last year, for the first season of the show, OITNB was nominated for twelve, but only won three — partly because some of the nominations were in the same category, but also because they were unfortunately eclipsed by the force that is Modern Family.

In 2014, Uzo Aduba won, and OITNB, won for Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series and Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series. The latter awards are certainly well-deserved, but lower profile than the big accolades OITNB should get.

The odds are even more complicated for OITNB this time around, thanks to a rule defining comedy series as 30 minutes. OITNB's long length lumps it in with Mad Men as opposed to The Big Bang Theory, so the odds are not in their favor. We will find out the nominations on Thursday, and the winners in September, but OITNBc ertainly has the Emmys of our hearts.

While we wait to find out what's up, we have Uzo's outstanding acceptance speech to get us through.