8 Times Dick & Logan's Bromance On 'Veronica Mars' Was The Epitome Of Friendship Goals

When you think back at the greatest bromances on television of the last decade or so, who comes to mind? If your answer to that question isn't Logan and Dick from Veronica Mars, I have some serious news for you: It should be. This bromance was strong because, even when Dick was being an idiot (aka all the time) and Logan was making mistakes (aka almost all the time), they were there for one another — through thick and thin, ridiculous and devastating. There are just so many moments that prove how perfect the Veronica Mars Dick and Logan bromance was while the series ran on UPN (and, later, The CW) that I'm not sure there's enough space on the Internet to really describe them all.

Now that series creator Rob Thomas and its star Kristen Bell revived Veronica Mars with an impeccable feature film in 2013, there are some important things that need to be showcased. Obviously, first and foremost we need some more Veronica and Logan (aka LoVe) action — but the Dick and Logan bromance comes next, people. I have a feeling that Dick and Logan are still best friends, despite Logan going off to his gig at JAG Corps. Dick is probably waiting around for his best bud to come back with pot brownies and an invitation to surf the California waves.

Need more proof that they were the best bros ever? Look no further:

1. They're (Almost) Equally Quippy

Logan is basically the male version of Veronica when it comes to providing some witty banter and cutting someone down with a quip. But, make no mistake — Dick is no chump in this department either. He's usually pretty ready with a joke or a pop culture reference before most people (especially if it's about or to Veronica).

2. They Actually Care About Each Other

They're true friends, and they prove it over and over again without needing to say a word. Sometimes they don't appreciate what the other does for them as it's actually happening, but they both know the other dude cares for them. (I love this bromance so hard.)

3. They Can Forgive Each Other For Anything

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Remember when Dick insulted Veronica after finding out she and Logan were together? Logan told Dick to "evaporate or something," but Dick quickly got onboard with the idea of the new couple and went out of his way to include Veronica in all Dick-related festivities.

Then there's the time that Logan's secret fling with Dick's stepmom was discovered. The boys got over that as well. They're in it for the long haul, folks.

4. They Stick Together

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Whenever Dick is in trouble, you can find Logan nearby. And while Dick has never outright saved Logan in a fight the way Logan has kicked ass for Dick, Dick did stick by his friend during all the bad times: When Logan was charged with murder, Dick was there to be his lighthearted self.

5. They're Each Other's Best Roommates

Do you think that if Veronica and Logan live together after he gets back from JAG Corps, she'd be OK with Dick maybe staying in the basement or something? I just love the idea of the three of them under the same roof. It would be beyond epic and probably spinoff worthy.

6. Dick's Relationship With Veronica Is The Best

It's not just Logan that has a great relationship with Veronica: Dick and Veronica are the reluctant friends who annoy each other and really only became friends thanks to Logan. But in the end, Veronica would help Dick (begrudgingly) — and I think the same goes for Dick lending our gal a hand.

7. They're Gorgeous (OK, That's Just For Me)

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Seriously, look at these two!

8. They Enjoy Each Other's Gorgeousness

Yes I know, this was a part of the CW Seed's series Play It Again, Dick. But I like to think that somewhere right now, Logan and Dick are admiring each other for looking so damn good all the time, and same with real life actors Ryan Hansen and Jason Dohring.

Because even in real life, they have the best bromance. Hands down.

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