Wait, Amy Poehler Has How Many Emmys?!

It's that time of year again for all my fellow TV fanatics. On Thursday, July 16, the 2015 Emmy nominations will be announced, which means there will be a lot of excitement when our favorite stars receive a much-deserved nom and a lot of frustration when other much-deserved TV actors and actresses get snubbed. If the latter rings true for Parks and Recreation actress Amy Poehler, well you'll probably hear me screaming plenty of expletives from the rooftop. Yes, I'll be channeling my inner Leslie Knope, who time and again showcased her angry side when things didn't go her way. So, with that said, just how many Emmy's does Amy Poehler have? Spoiler alert: the number is sad.

After earning five nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Parks and Rec and two noms for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for Saturday Night Live, the 43-year-old comedienne has earned ZERO Emmy's. I told you the number was sad. Also, it's insane. After playing Leslie Knope and various characters on SNL, you would think the extremely talented actress would have snagged at least one Emmy win, right? Well, here's hoping Poehler will not only earn a 2015 Emmy nom, but also take home the gold statue.

I don't know about you, but after playing Leslie Knope for seven seasons, she so deserves it and can add it to the Golden Globe she finally won in 2014 for Parks and Rec. Plus, this is the last year she can be nominated for her role as the amazing, feminist, and inspirational Leslie Knope. I have my *fingers crossed* for you, Amy.

With that said, here will be my reactions (and probably Amy's, too), when she either gets nominated (it's totally going to happen) or snubbed (nope, nope, nope).

She Got Nominated — YAY!

She Got Snubbed — Expletive, Expletive, Expletive...

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