Do The 'Big Brother' Twins Know They’ve Been Discovered? Liz & Julia Might Have To Up Their Game A Bit

It’s the twist heard round the world: Even though Big Brother 17 has proven to be packed with more twists than ever before, the one that everyone is talking about in and outside of the house is most definitely the Big Brother Twin Twist. Why? Because it’s caused some pretty interesting alliances, gameplay, and… um… let’s just say "interpersonal" relationships. It’s been super fun watching the twist play out on the live feeds and on national television, especially as the houseguests have started to catch on. But do the twins — Liz and Julia — know that everyone else is onto them? And is that knowledge in any way altering their game play?

The answer, of course, is "yes." The minute Da’Vonne approached Liz in an attempt to save herself, they must have known that the jig was up. Even though Da’Vonne said that no one knew, Julia decided to come clean to her allies in a recent episode, both for her own protection and probably because she knew that people were catching on to this season’s twin twist.

And I can’t blame her. It is definitely a risky move to reveal yourself as a twin so early on when they have to make it to week five in order for both sisters to play openly in the house, but to have continued to hide it would have been an even riskier move. Then no one could have trusted them. Not even Austin.

At least this way Liz and Julia have taken control over the twist and are telling people they trust the most. With their allies on their side — and benefiting from having an extra player in their alliance once they get to week five — the twins are somewhat more protected from eviction than they were before and can stop lying to everyone’s faces. Always a risky move in the Big Brother house.

So are they totally aware that they’ve been discovered by everyone? Maybe not. But they know that enough of the housemates are on to them that they have to start getting smart about who they tell and how they build their alliances. Thankfully, they’re already starting to build a fortress of support around them with Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, and Austin. Because I seriously love those girls, and I so badly want them to make it to week five so we can see their differences — and their showmance with Austin — play out in full force.

In the meantime, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’re letting the right people in on the twist and keeping the right people out.

Image: CBS (3)