Revisiting BSB's "All I Have To Give" Music Video

I think it is high time that we all revisit the glory known as The Backstreet Boys' 1997 music video for "All I Have To Give." Back when this video premiered, I was 14, and all my crushes had led to lackluster encounters that involved little more than pilfering of my tater tots in the school cafeteria. Luckily, I had videos such as the aforementioned to mend my broken heart and remind me that there were men (five of them, no less!) who were willing to croon, "I don't know what he does to make you cry, but I'll be there to make you smile," because love truly was all the BSB had to give. There are no female costars featured in the video for "All I Have To Give," so you can sit back and fantasize that they are singing directly to you — which I did. A visual treat, it doesn't matter that you can't tell exactly where the boys are throughout the video, or why some of the members insist on wearing sunglasses inside, because it all adds to the aesthetic.

Despite being a ballad, there are several dance numbers in the video that are truly on fleek. BSB member AJ McLean recently revealed in an interview that his wife had toted that she thought the members of supposed "rival" boy band *NSYNC always had better choreography. But judging by the moves I just re-witnessed in "All I Have To Give," I would have to respectfully disagree.

I'd like to say "you're welcome" in advance for this beauteous breakdown of the 11 top moments from "All I Have To Give" by BSB that you totally forgot about.

1. This Glorious Widow's Peak

The front of Nick Carter's hairline dove down the center of his forehead and straight into my heart.

2. These Suits, Though


3. This Phenomenal Group Shot ...

... in which three of the members wore sunglasses indoors, and Kevin Richardson had the courtesy to kneel down, since he basically towered over everyone.

4. This Spectacular Yellow Newsboy Hat

Talk about a hat that will brighten your day! Right?

5. There Was Also A Red Newsboy Hat

McLean loves his hats.

6. When Richardson Displayed Opening His Heart To You Via This Hand Motion

The screengrab kind of makes it look like Richardson is trying to offer a double high five ... or ... something ...

Trust me, though, he was opening his heart to you!

7. When Howie Dorough Originated The Man Bun

He started it, people!

8. The Solo Dance Breaks

You gotta love that shadow effect.

9. When Brian Littrell Stepped Up To The Mic With Every Fiber Of His Being

His passion was inimitable.

10. When Dorough Came Out Of The Gate With An Epic Whistle Note

Did anyone see that coming?! Boyfriend has some pipes!

11. When Everyone Forgot To Button Their Shirts

I feel like this is a good one to end on.

Now that I've properly reacquainted you with this video's most integral moments, feel free to watch the entire thing on a continuous loop below.

Images: VEVO (11); Giphy