How Will 'The Whispers' End? The Future Is Uncertain Thanks To Drill & His Evil Ways

It feels like it's only just started, but already, the season finale of The Whispers is approaching. But how will the addicting thriller come to an end? As the mystery surrounding Drill continues to amp up, viewers are on the edge of their seats wondering which questions are going to be answered. The series has quickly turned into a new favorite for those of us who love a chilling mystery (and is there anything creepier than innocent kids under the spell of an evil force?) with a side of compelling human drama. Unfortunately, though, the show faces an uncertain future as ABC holds off on its decision of whether or not to move forward with a second season. Executives are waiting on further analysis of ratings data, and Deadline reports that cast options recently expired.

It's always tricky to pull off a season finale that provides an equal balance of answers and moments that leave viewers asking, "what the heck happens next?" If The Whispers does return for a second season, there will be significant changes. Stars Lily Rabe and Milo Ventimiglia are unlikely to return full-time if at all, says Deadline, because both are pursuing other opportunities. Fans can probably expect some closure when it comes to their personal stories, but Drill will have to remain an enigma in order to keep the door open for Season 2. With so many unknowns for the show's future, the series' creators truly have their work cut out for them.

Still, showrunner Zack Estrin recently told The Hollywood Reporter that The Whispers Season 1 will have "an amazing conclusion." So, what could be in store? A few pressing questions leading into the finale:

Will A Major Character Die?

A major character death in the finale is definitely possible, especially since many cast members aren't guaranteed to return even if there is a second season. Lena is thus far the only adult who has made direct contact with Drill, and that makes her a likely target. On the flip side, it's been referenced that she has a history of being emotionally fragile and we don't know for certain that Drill is solely capable of manipulating children. Viewers could see Lena fall under Drill's spell entirely, and she may end up helping him carry out a killing. If so, Sean is definitely in harm's way — Drill inhabited his body for months, and if he regains memories that are helpful to the FBI, that could put a wrench in Drill's plans.

Will Drill Be Destroyed?

This has to be a definite "no." Although fans are slowly gaining insight into how Drill operates, the FBI is no closer to finding a way to destroy him than they were when they first discovered his existence. In the July 20 episode, Claire and Sean will seek out a man who had the same experience as Sean 30 years ago. Although I'm sure they'll have an interesting chat, Drill seems indestructible, and he plans on bringing more of his kind to earth. So... that doesn't bode well for anyone in the human race. Viewers can expect a showdown in the season finale as the FBI fights against a full-on alien invasion.

But Seriously, Will Any Of The Main Players Get A Happy Ending?

I have a feeling the season will end on an unsettling note rather than an uplifting one. But with Claire unlikely to be featured as lead in Season 2, it's not too much to ask that she get a happy ending, am I right? She's been put through the wringer this season, so let's hope she finds some sort of peace before Lily Rabe leaves for another project.

It's hard to imagine The Whispers without the cast members viewers have grown to love over the past few months, but I'm still holding out hope that ABC will renew the show and Drill will return next summer to terrorize a new group of families.

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