The Peggy Olson/Drake Mashup Is Perfection

This might be the best thing that the Internet has ever produced. One extremely clever YouTube user made a mashup of Mad Men's Peggy Olson to the tune of Drake's excellent Nothing Was The Same track, "Started From The Bottom" — and yes, it's as amazing as it sounds. This guy has officially won the Internet.

Now, for anyone who knows anything at all about Mad Men and more importantly Peggy Olson, you know she started out as a receptionist with big dreams of joining Don Draper and the rest of the men on Mad. Avenue in creating her very own campaigns. Sure, many people laughed at her and explained that it was impossible (usually because she was a woman) — But what did Peggy do? Succeed. This mashup is absolutely perfect because Peggy is the definition of starting from the bottom and making their way to the top, even more so than Drizzy himself (I wholeheartedly love you Drake, but you were on Degrassi before becoming a rap sensation). This incredible video inspired like a muse, and I now have to wonder: what other TV characters could deserve their own perfect mashup?

There are a million amazing TV characters out there in the world, and if I had enough hours in the day, I would spend every waking moment coming up with the perfect song for each of those beloved, fictional men and women. But as I am just one human woman with deadlines, I've started the conversation with six ideas.

Now, not all of these songs' lyrics will perfectly fit their corresponding characters, because that's crazy difficult. Not even the Drake/Peggy Olson mashup does that (I don't think Peggy wears "every single chain even when [she's] in the house"). But they all certainly capture the essence of these characters, and that's what these mashups should embody. So check it out and continue the conversation, this should become a worldwide trend.

Veronica Mars' Veronica Mars

Song: "One Way Or Another," By Blondie

She performed it herself, and it's the mashup that is begging to be made. In the end Veronica Mars always got her man, because she was a badass private eye and a kickass woman.

Parks And Recreation's Donna Meagle

Song: "Electric Lady," By Janelle Monae feat. Solange

Donna Meagle is the most perfect, "do what you want" woman. She knows how to get down, and she knows how to be a strong, kick ass lady. What more is there to say and who better to represent her than Janelle Monae, one of the most kick ass female artists on the scene? Donna teaches people how to do what they want to do, just like Monae. I'm positive that Donna's portrayer Retta and Monae two would be fast friends in real life.

Game of Thrones' Jon Snow

Song: "I Will Survive," By Gloria Gaynor

Yes, I know. Most of the lyrics don't really work for Jon Snow. But, can we all agree that we hope he's singing in his head "I will survive" as he's lying on the ground after being stabbed? Hm... Maybe a resurrection song would be better?

Veronica Mars' Dick Casablancas

Song: "Cheers (Drink To That)," By Rihanna

This song is pure Dick Casablancas. Sure, any party song works for Dick if you think about it, but this one is just laid back enough to be basically made for the guy. Now, if only Rihanna had brought up a party pig, this would be Dick's anthem.

Pretty Little Liars' Wren Kingston

Song: "Bad Blood," By Taylor Swift

The Liars probably "were thinking that you could be trusted" — but considering it feels more and more realistic that Wren might be Charles DiLaurentis, the Liars could definitely have bad blood with him in the future. And it will be "so sad to think about the good times," if the reveal ends up being true.

House Of Cards' Claire Underwood

Song: "Fight Song," By Rachel Platten

"This is my fight song (Hey!), Take back my life song (Hey!)" If these lyrics didn't go through your head when Claire finally left Frank in House of Cards, I don't know what else will. Claire has always been an incredible, strong woman, but Frank knocked her ambitions down every chance he got. And now, it's her turn to fight back and walk away.

Images: Alex Pompliano/YouTube