SYTYCD' Contestant Jessica Rabone Is A Model, Too

If there's any So You Think You Can Dance contestant who has established themselves as a judge and fan favorite, it's Jessica Rabone. Her energetic personality and charisma shine on the dance floor. Although her hip-hop skills have been most prominently displayed, she also has a background in ballroom, samba, and jive. And dancing is just the beginning of Rabone's diverse set of skills — she can play the piano and her Fox bio says she was once a fish monger, so she has a pretty eye-catching resume. But, it's her modeling that will probably best accompany her budding dance career. Jessica Rabone is an accomplished model who has worked for Old Navy, Levi's Japan, and Roxy.

Rabone's sister is a household name in their home country of Japan — she's a talk show host so well known that she needs to only go by her first name. Rabone initially wanted to follow her sister's footsteps, but she realized she has her own set of talents and chose to forge her own path instead. And, I'm happy about that, because it brought her into the public eye as a talented dancer and model.

Whether or not she winds up on the winning team, it appears Rabone is safely out of her sister's shadow. We get to watch her dance on So You Think You Can Dance every week, but let's take a look at some of the most beautiful photos from her modeling career:

She Has Modeled Danskin Apparel

As Rabone continues to establish herself as a dancer, I wouldn't be surprised if she receives offers to model for additional dancewear companies.

Her Artistic Shots Are Totally Eye-Catching

These photos would easily fit in at any art museum. The editor did a top-notch job of adding graphic design elements without losing the essence of Rabone's personality as a model.

Rabone Looks Perfect In Tadashi Shoji's Designs

Like Rabone, Tadashi Shoji was born in Japan and relocated to America for his career. He is best known for his evening gowns and cocktail dresses, but the streetwear designs aren't too shabby either — especially when Rabone is the model.

Whether or not she is victorious on So You Think You Can Dance, Rabone has a bright future in the dance and modeling world and I look forward to seeing what she does next. Image: Fox