What Your 1st Day Of College Outfit Said About You

Remember that first day before college started, how you stayed up staring at the ceiling half the night, wondering how you'd find your classes and what your first day of college outfit would say about you? First days of anything are always a rough ride. You wake up with nervous flutters in the pit of your stomach and with uncomfortable zings racing down your arms, making you fist your hands in an attempt to trap some of the anxiety. Being nervous is both exciting and a total ordeal, because it means something matters. You need to make a good impression or else life as you know it will be over. Dramatic? Yes. But at the moment, nothing seems truer.

So how do you control some of that crazy? You try to manage something — anything! — that you can, one thing being your outfit. You take a deep breath, do a little nervous jump or two in place, and turn towards your closet. What do you want your clothes to say about you? What do you want possible new friends, handsome messy haired boys, laughing pretty girls, or patient but tired looking professors to think about you? This is it. Your pants will convey everything. The wrong shade can completely derail your whole college experience. If you get this wrong people will forever remember you as "the weird sweatshirt girl" and you'll never make a new friend, ever never forever.

Below are seven looks and a little explanation of what your going to class outfit said about you.

1. The Riding Boots, Leggings, And Long Sweater Combo

This is one of those outfits that makes you look like you just rolled out of bed, grabbed a yogurt and cup of coffee, and were on your way. But in reality, it took a painstaking amount of time to deliberate over. Leggings or jeggings? Grey sweater or heather-grey sweater? Cross-body bag or leather backpack? Oh gawd, the decisions.

You pretty much bit off all your nails as you deliberated between your black boots or your camel colored ones. But whatever, in the end it was worth it. You look like you're stylish without thinking too much about it, which translates to you being a down-to-earth, sweet twentysomething. Someone that a person would be lucky to know and be friends with. You've got some ace qualities.

That's right. A long sweater can say all that and more.

2. The Summer Dress And Booties Combo

You've got your floral or jersey babydoll dress on, a long boyfriend cardigan (because clearly you've got 1000 boyfriends looking as cute as you do), and cute little booties that are scuffed but in a well-loved, I-get-out-of-the-house-often type of way. You look like you spend long hours studying in the coffee shop, biting at the ends of your pencils as you try to finish studying for tomorrow's quiz so you can pack it up and go to a poetry reading later tonight. Since you strayed from the usual leggings and furry boots combo, it implies that you've got some real interests. You're different, and you probably developed this style because of all the new and out of the box moments you let yourself experience.

That or you got a giftcard to Forever 21 for your birthday, but either will do.

3. The Boyfriend Jeans And Kicks Option

You've got your boyfriend jeans low on your hips, your white Converse laced at your feet, and a cozy little sweater shrugged over your shoulders. You're normcore at its best, but in reality you just threw on whatever hasn't made its way to the laundry pile. You look like you could be the girl next door but one that can hang with the guys — you're just so unassuming, laid back, and unfussy. I feel like me and you can sit in beanbag chairs for hours and talk about everything from our majors to how scary it is turning 21 soon. Adulthood, ahh!

4. The Leggings And Fuzzy Boots Option

I'm not exactly sure what about furry snow shoes in the beginning of fall signals "cool girl" but do they ever signal "cool girl." You probably go to the nail salon as many times as you go grocery shopping, and you've been known to be seen at more than one party on a Saturday night. Sure you stay up some nights catching up on homework and lab work, but that's not the real reason you roll up to class in your nap clothes. It's more like you're permanently hungover and can't be bothered with pants at the moment. Sorry you're not sorry; but this is what being a 20-year-old is all about. If I need a beer pong buddy, I got your number girl.

5. The Sweatpants And Tee Look

You miiiight have given up on life somewhere along the way. Maybe you're a comuter and have to wake up at five in the morning? Maybe you prefer to spend all your money on pizza and not clothes? Maybe you're so magnetic and fun that you don't need to rely on clothes to attract a conversation? Who are you, you beautiful beast, you. Teach me how to be this confident in nap clothes.

6. The Bohemian Dress Look

You've got rings on six of your 10 fingers and you wear broken in black motorcycle boots that have been with you through many a road trips and woodland hikes. You drink green tea in the morning and have a way of going with the flow even when times might get a little dicey and stressful. For example, you let the vegans passing out pamphlets in the quad say their shpeal before politely letting them know you have to get to class.

You could be up for anything if the night is right; anything from drunkenly getting tattoos on the inside of your wrists to skipping out on a week to school to drive to the coast with newly found friends. Your prairie dress is telling me all of this — that or you're normal like me but just like looking like you're in Coachella all year long. Which is cool with me, too.

7. The School Sweatshirt Look

You're going to be valedictorian come four years, I just know it. No one that isn't gun-ho about slaying her credits would roll up to her first class logo-ed out with the school emblem. We get it, you'll leave us all behind in the dust. I'm also making a mental note to sit behind you come our first chem test...

Images: The CW; Courtesy Instagram Users