Is America's Player On 'Big Brother 17'?

Big Brother 17 has been bombarded with twist after twist this season. First, we saw the reintroduction of the much-maligned Battle of the Block from BB16. Then we were re-introduced to the Twin Twist, which has gone on to be a primary source of drama throughout the season. Still, even with all these twists, some houseguests think that there is another Big Brother twist on Season 17: America's Player. It's pretty funny considering the actual new twist, BB Takeover, is that there is a new twist every single week. But, apparently that isn't enough for the houseguests and they suspect further foul play afoot.

Vanessa recently told Austin that she believes that "Audrey is a million percent America's Player." This suspicion is nothing new, as rumors within the house of Audrey possibly being America's Player have been active for a few days. Audrey's chaotic and unpredictable style of gameplay makes her a likely candidate to be operating under America's control. However, if Audrey (or anyone) was America's Player, wouldn't America know about it by now? America's Player is usually controlled by... well, America. So, why does everyone in the house think that America's Player is active this season?

Previously seen in Seasons 8 and 10, the America's Player twist involves one player being given tasks to accomplish throughout their stay in the Big Brother house. These tasks are voted upon by the fans, and if America's Player is able to accomplish the tasks, they are rewarded. While some tasks are fun and odd, some can have serious ramifications on a houseguest's standing in the house. Past America's Player tasks have ranged from "hug a certain houseguest for ten seconds" to "have a specific houseguest nominated for eviction."

Then, Season 16 introduced a new version of the twist called Team America, which had three players come together to try and complete tasks for the viewing public. Fan favorite Donny, BB16 Winner Derrick, and social media mogul Frankie got $5,000 for each task they successfully performed over the course of the season. These tasks again ranged from the fun (convince the houseguests there's a rat loose in the house!) to the risky (vote against the house and accuse two others of making those votes.)

What did these "America" twists have that BB17 doesn't? America. The involvement of America's Player depends entirely on America's input from the very beginning of the season. We're now four weeks in and there is no indication that fans are affecting what happens inside the house. As outlandish and chaotic as Audrey's gameplay is, it's not because she's being controlled by someone else — It's because Audrey is playing an outlandish and chaotic game. There is always a chance that America's Player will be introduced via a BB Takeover, but, for now, it's safe to say there is no active player in the house working for America.

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