Lessons On Being Yourself Courtesy Of 'Trainwreck'

If you haven't yet seen the epic romantic comedy, Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer, my only question for you is, "WHY?!" After an arduous wait, I scooted my behind down to the closest movie theater when the film debuted Friday, July 20, and it exceeded all of my expectations. While I had already anticipated that the movie would make me guffaw like no other before it — and it most assuredly did — I was surprised to see so many poignant moments deftly peppered into the comedy's landscape. I don't want to give too much away if you haven't seen the movie yet (again — WHY HAVEN'T YOU?!), but there are definitely a few tear-jerkers throughout the film, as well as some very thoughtful reflections on modern dating culture, and the various trials that come with making your mark as a career-driven adult. If you're like me, you will also likely leave the theater completely smitten with Bill Hader. Seriously, guys, he has the whole Leading Man thing down pat, and his performance has garnered him a top spot on my list of celebrity crushes.

One of the most integral parts of Trainwreck's fabric is that it — like many other Judd Apatow movies — upends the common tropes that romance needs to resemble the pages of a fairytale, that female leads should always be the ones seeking monogamy, and the like. Schumer has been one public figure at the helm of spreading positive messages of feminism and self-acceptance, so it's no surprise that a film she wrote and starred in is full of lessons on the importance of being yourself. In celebration of the new comedy and the awesomeness that is Schumer, let's take a look at some lessons Trainwreck taught us.

1. Don't Be Afraid To Stand Up For Yourself

Although the above GIF is more an example of aggressiveness rather than assertiveness, the fact remains that we should all be given the freedom to speak our minds.

2. No One Can Dictate The Timeline Of Your Romantic Relationship But You

As far as dating goes, many of us experience pressure from outside parties — whether it be well-meaning or otherwise — on how fast or slow our romantic relationships should go. Keep things at a pace that is right for you and your partner, regardless what anyone else may think.

3. You Are The Decider Of Your Own Brunch Destiny

Brunch is a precious time where we need to be true to ourselves and menu choices.

4. We All Have Rough Mornings

Embrace it!

5. Accept When A Relationship Isn't Right For You

Case in point: if your bae starts instigating fights at a movie theater and insulting Mark Wahlberg, it may be time to have "the talk."

6. You Can't Please Everyone

This point actually wasn't supposed to be a double entendre, but I couldn't resist this GIF.

7. Your Best Self Is Your Most Authentic Self

One of the biggest take-home messages for me from Trainwreck was to be your most authentic self. One of the things that makes Schumer and Hader's onscreen chemistry so relatable is the characters' ability to bring out the best in each other, while also accepting each other's idiosyncrasies. While the film shows that there is always room for personal growth, it also showcases the importance of accepting and embracing all your complexities — even when some may raise an eyebrow or two.

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