Should You Avoid Waterproof Makeup?

With summer's melting hot days, and your sweaty, late night dance parties, you're starting to wonder is waterproof makeup bad for your skin? You're all about using waterproof foundation during the lineup of outdoor August weddings you have to attend and you certainly plan to wear waterproof mascara to every pool party on your calendar, but are all these tough-as-nails beauty products damaging to your skin?

Getting your summer-proof makeup fix on is all well and good, but you don't want it to do you harm. All those compounds that make your beauty products immune to the heat of the summer sun may be having a negative impact on your sweet, sensitive skin. Of course no one wants mascara streaming down her face, or foundation streaking down her neckline. But you can still get the desired results (aka not looking like a drunk clown did your makeup) while being exposed to fewer of the potentially bad-for-you materials with some easy, face-saving strategies. Read on to learn the best tactics for using waterproof makeup as needed without going overboard.

1. Be strategic

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We recognize the desire to look darling on all occasions, but if you're going jogging with your crush, you don't need a full face. Avoid overdosing on beauty products, like waterproof blush, just for a trip to the gym to help save your skin, one clogged pore at a time. Think of summer as the time for your skin to be free.

2. Don't damage lashes

Waterproof mascara is the best invention for key moments. Playing and winning the Women's World Cup for soccer is one. Getting married to your favorite person in the world would be another. Filming an underwater action scene that requires stellar lashes is definitely a waterproof mascara moment. But for day-to-day life, you don't need your lashes to be locked in place. WebMD recommends limiting use of waterproof mascaras as the extra friction required to remove them can cause them to break or fall out. Opt for water resistant mascaras if you're worried about humidity or sweat.

3. Know your ingredients

Learn what the crazy words on the ingredient list so you can make solid beauty choices. Use a website like Paula's Choice to demystify the meaning behind waterproof components such as silicone or acrylates copolymer. For example, Paula's Choice stands by the statement that silicone acts as a breathable base for makeups and can save skin from suffocation by allowing sweat to pass through. Being an informed consumer means you'll make beauty choices that feel good inside and out.

4. Don't deny your chemistry

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When it's hot outside, your body is going to sweat. Certainly there are times when you will want to wear reliable waterproof makeup (see: winning the World Cup above), but creating an impermeable base on your skin that sweat cannot break through will lead to acne and irritation. Bikram yoga is not the time to flaunt your foundation. Be sure to clean your face well after wearing waterproof foundations and powders. Incorporate a gentle exfoliating scrub into your routine at least once a week when you're leaning on these heavy hitting makeup products to make sure your pores stay clear and clean.

Think of waterproof makeup like an overindulgent dessert. Just right on the perfect occasion, but not something you should have every day for breakfast. Stick with this less is more philosophy, and waterproof makeup just may be your new best friend.

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