Aunt Becky Was The Absolute Coolest

When it comes to Full House, Uncle Jesse was without a doubt the coolest uncle around. So it only makes sense that his wife would be equally as awesome as him, right? While it was hard to watch him kiss another woman (OK, yes, he was my childhood crush), like many, I grew to love Becky — perhaps because she and Jesse were a match made in heaven. She was loving and sweet country girl, but at the same time, Becky was cool, and had a sense of sarcasm and wit that always managed to keep Jesse on his toes. If Jesse was the cool uncle, Becky was definitely the cool aunt.

The two first met in Season 2, when Becky got a job working as Danny's co-host for Wake Up, San Francisco. And of course, the chemistry between her and Jesse was instantaneous. The two eventually began dating, and then ... well, the rest is history. Not only was she a supportive of Jesse's career, but their relationship and eventual marriage also helped him mature as a person. While Jesse and Becky eventually settled down and had kids of their own, Becky always acted as a stand-in mother for the Tanner girls, constantly giving them boy advice and helping them through those awkward teen years.

It goes without saying that Becky truly was the coolest. Here are seven times she proved it.

1. When She Stole Jesse’s Heart Without Even Trying

Aside from being the cool uncle, Jesse was a bit of a playboy — that is, before he met Becky. Even though she didn't notice it at the time, Jesse fell really hard for Becky at this moment. It takes a really cool girl to sweep someone like Jesse off his feet.

2. When She Got Real About The Risks Of Falling In Love

When the two eventually did start dating, Becky was completely honest about the possibility of their future together. Most importantly, she wasn't afraid to voice those concerns to Jesse. From the start, she was already capable of some great motherly advice.

3. When She Revealed She Was Pregnant

Seriously, how cute is trying to use Pictionary for her reveal? Even though she eventually just had to spit out the news to Jesse, this whole sequence definitely adds to her cool factor.

4. When She Danced Like No One Was Watching

One great thing about Becky is that she really didn't care what people thought of her. Part of the reason she was such a cool aunt was that she didn't just act like a mother to the Tanner girls, but she also tried to be their friend. This included rocking out, and teaching Stephanie some new dance moves.

5. When She Poked Fun At Jesse

It didn't matter to Becky that Jesse was the cool uncle — to her, he was just a big lovable dork. She certainly had no problem poking a little fun at him now and then, and we all totally loved her for it.

6. When She Managed To Pull Off ‘90s Outfits With Ease

OK, let's be real here. The '90s had its fair share of high and lows in terms of crazy outfits, but even Becky managed to make any totally-'90s frock dress look good. What can I say? She is a master of cool.

7. When She Cheered On Her Hubby Like A Total Groupie

Apart from following him on tour, the coolest thing Becky ever did was when she surprised everyone at the reunion of Jesse & the Rippers on The Tonight Show. I honestly didn't know whether to adore or envy her.

If you didn't watch this show wishing that Becky and Jesse would adopt you, then I think a rewatch is in order, STAT.

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