7 Betta Fish Hair Photos That Will Leave You Inspired To Turn Into An IRL Merperson

Since new hairstyles continue to emerge and trend all over Instagram on what seems like a daily basis, it’s no surprise that the latest it-look is bold in every way. The "betta fish hair" hashtag is popping up on every social media platform and the accompanying images are absolutely stunning.

Similar to rainbow hair or fire hair, the look involves colorfully placed hair dye and works well with a number of hairstyles and cuts. It’s inspired by betta fishes, of course, and the colorful hues of their tails. No two betta fish are the same, so the possibilities of mixing and matching with this look are truly endless.

This trend is definitely daring, but whether you’re a newbie or always love switching up your hair game when the mood strikes, I think that the style can be pulled off by all. When it comes to this trend, it seems important to choose colors that complement each other, which pretty much goes back to basic color theory. There’s no doubt that the betta fish look can turn heads, but the final product can be totally worth it. If you’re ready to try something new and ditch your current 'do, check out some of the most stylish looks that are slaying the betta fish hair game.

1. Violet

Sometimes the most beautiful inspiration can be found in nature and this hairstyle shows exactly that. The side by side comparison of the betta fish’s scales transcend perfectly into this haircut. The way the violet dye blends seamlessly into the blue ends is also seriously stunning. Plus, the contrasting colors add instant shine to the hair.

2. Turquoise

The betta fish looks just as amazing on bobs as it does on lengthy hair. Even though there are a few different colors in this photo, they all balance each other out for a gorgeous application. The purple ends add a fun touch to this 'do, as they offer variety. This is definitely reminiscent to a betta fish’s vibrant tail, and stands out from the crowd.

3. Lavender

If pastels are more your thing, this lavender betta fish inspired dye could make for a great fit. I love how the waves in this hairstyle show off the different shades of grey and sapphire. The look reminds me of mermaid hair, but with a twist. It’s no wonder the trend has taken off with gorgeous locks, as the photo above demonstrates.

4. Aqua

Even those with super long tresses can rock the betta fish trend without a hitch. The beautiful coloring of the betta fish comes to life in this person’s hair. Beach waves help to wonderfully show off the numerous hair colors as well. The way the aqua dye blends into the violet ends looks effortless — almost identical to the betta’s scales. Let’s just say I’m having major hair envy right now.

5. Cerulean

It’s hard not to immediately think "wow" when catching a glimpse at this beautiful rendition on betta fish hair. My eyes are immediately drawn to the gorgeous multi-colored “scales” on the side of this person’s head that definitely make me think of bright aquatic adventures.

However, the real stunner in this look is the cerulean and plateau shading in the mohawk. This dye job is not for the faint of heart by any means, but if you’re used to frequent dyeing and change up your look a lot, this could make for a match made in heaven. Even though it’s short, this 'do might take a little more upkeep and styling every day because of the different hair lengths involved, but it would totally be worth it to wake up to a badass look that screams unstoppable.

6. Cobalt

This look shows just how important highlights can be to changing up a single hair color. Although the betta fish is mostly blue, its scales vary in different shades and the hairstyle totally captures that. The subtle green and turquoise highlights help to liven up the primary cobalt color of this hairstyle without going overboard or looking out of place. Plus, the long layers add dimension to this 'do and bring out the gorgeous hues, making it look like a true betta.

7. Indigo

In my book, there’s no denying how cool this looks. The strong ombré hair dye technique at work here is amazing, from the intense indigo roots to the faded grey ends. Violet layers at the top add the perfect pop of color and would probably look even more radiant once natural sunlight hits it. A layered pixie cut like this could be ideal for rocking three or four complementary colors of your favorite betta fish scales.

You have to admire how edgy and bold the look is without being over the top. Good hair days would be basically inevitable with this betta inspired style.

Images: mikacaviola, matthew_john780, shanroe, pastelhair, crystaljanedoeshair, mrskadams, concurrentcontrast/Instagram