Women Share Thoughts About Sex On The First Date, Particularly Regarding The Double Standard They Face — VIDEO

You know that old adage that recommends never sleeping with someone new on a first date? Emphasis on "old." Let's be real for a second: Conventional sex rules are outdated, restrictive, and discredit your own personal compass and intuition. Only you know what's best for you, bb. That might be the first date or the 17th date or never at all — people have differing libidos, after all. What's the overall gauge these days, though? A new video reveals what women really think about sex on the first date.

Listen, I'm not a total dingbat. I know that even though conventional wisdom says it accepts men and women as equals, that still isn't totally true. We're not there yet. Unfortunately, an ugly double standard continues to stand, dividing the binary genders in many arenas of life, including sexual activity and history. Sometimes, even my super feminist straight male friends echo the antiquated expectation that they're allowed to have a rolling record of past sexual conquests, but any serious female partner cannot. I call bull on that.

Everyone — regardless of gender — should conduct themselves sexually the same way they do any other aspect of living: however the hell they want, and however makes them feel comfortable. The same applies to sex on the first date. How do women really feel about this once-taboo?

The "date" itself is sorta irrelevant


I'd like to cosign here. Especially in the age of "hanging out" (Seriously, when was the last time a person you didn't already know ask you explicitly to "go on a date" with them? Never? That's what I thought), textbook "dates" hardly ever happen. Or they happen after some sort of sexual attraction has been clearly confirmed — sometimes via actually having sex.

Everyone's preferences are up to them— no shade either way


Yep! Who really cares who has consensual sex with whom? No one's personal decision should affect us personally. Naw mean?

Dudes embracing the double standard are out


Hey, guys? Did you know that it truly does take two to tango? If you slept with a girl on a first date, and rule her out for that act, which you made possible, you definitely don't deserve a second date. Or friends. Or happiness. (And I hate you.)

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