What If 'BB17' Actually Had A Triplet Twist?

Big Brother is currently in its seventeenth season on CBS and is still going strong. A big part of the show's success comes from the twists and turns thrown in by producers every summer. It's pretty difficult for anyone to know with certainty what exactly is going on, whether a houseguest, viewer, or even Julie Chen for that matter. Of course, the biggest shakeup on Big Brother 17 is the Twin Twist. Identical twin sisters Liz and Julia Nolan are switching back and forth into the game and playing as Liz. If they make it through five eliminations, Julia will be allowed to enter the game as an individual and they will both get to play for the prize.

Some Big Brother super fans were cast on the show this season and since the Twin Twist was done before in Season 5, it was already detected by the twins' fellow houseguests. Liz and Julia only confirmed their separate identities to their alliance, but pretty much the whole cast knows about the twins. Nevertheless, it's still a pretty crazy twist. Could you imagine interacting with someone every day and not actually knowing who you were talking to, because she is switching back and forth with a twin? That makes for some pretty crazy mind games. But what if Big Brother took the twin twist to a next level and actually had a triplet twist? Before you come at me with some genetic statistics, I know that identical triplets are extremely rare, but let's just pretend for a second. How would that go over in the house? Let's imagine Big Brother 17 with triplets in the house.

Liz & Julia

If Liz and Julia were actually triplets, this would be an insane twist. My first thought goes to Austin. He's already super confused about which twin he has feelings for, so I couldn't imagine how conflicted he would be if there were three sisters to keep up with. I also don't think that a triplet of Liz and Julia's would be able to keep up with this game. It's already difficult enough trying to keep one sibling informed about what happens in the house, so I couldn't imagine if there were two to talk game with in just a few minutes. For more on their gameplay, check out Bustle's BB17 podcast.


Austin already references his Judas alter ego quite a bit, so i couldn't imagine if Austin was actually a twin or a triplet. But I just imagine that between the three of them they would be having all of the feelings possible and developing serious crushes on all the ladies in the house. I could even see the Austin triplets in some sort of love square over the same crush.

Johnny Mac

This would be a triplet twist that I would welcome. Johnny Mac is easily the most entertaining person in the BB17 cast. He is a breath of fresh air among the other openly scheming contestants. I just imagine Battle of the Block competitions with Johnny Mac and the triplets as pawns, leading to a backdoor eviction every single week.


Audrey being a triplet would be great for her game, because it would give her a solid alliance to rely on, which she really needs. Plus, three Audreys would mean three times the drama for us to watch.


This would be an eye candy overload. I would not mind seeing three shirtless Clay triplets walk around the house, but they probably wouldn't add much to the plot of the show, in all honesty.


She was one of my favorite houseguests and I am still bitter that she got the axe so early. Maybe if she had some siblings to vent to, she would have kept her cool long enough to get her sisters in the game to help her out.


I feel like Shelli's dog has gotten more onscreen attention than Becky. Sure, she was HoH once, but we barely know her at this point. I wonder if three Becky siblings would just fly under the radar in the same way.

Obviously this is all completely hypothetical, but now that the idea has been put out there, maybe the Big Brother ideas will deliver a truly exciting twist next season.

Images: Bill Inoshita, Sonja Flemming, Robert Voets (4)/CBS