Which 'Real Housewives' Villain Are You?

Let's face it — without the numerous villains on the Real Housewives , the Bravo franchise probably wouldn’t have lasted as long as it has, if it was ever created at all. But several replaced cast members, disastrous group vacations, and fancy dinner brawls later, the show continues to forge full steam ahead with drama wearing the conductor's hat.

At one point or another, most of the ladies have had committed their fair share of evil offenses — but when it comes to being villainous, there a few who scene-stealers who prove they're exceptionally good at being bad. Whether it's former RHONY cast member Aviva Drescher hurling her prosthetic leg like that's a perfectly normal thing to do, or RHOBH's Brandi Glanville throwing wine and slapping cast members across the face, I have to admit that the underhandedness exhibited by some of the Housewives is something at which I often marvel. Still, all the scheming and backstabbing totally make the show worth watching.

No matter which Real Housewives franchise is your favorite, there’s a lady (or several), both past and present, who aren’t above stirring up drama at all costs. If any of the aforementioned personality traits sound like you, then I’m not sure I want to know the answer to this question but I’ll ask anyway: Which Housewives villain are you?

Jill Zarin, Real Housewives Of New York

You're like Mean Girls on steroids. You specialize in the arts of deception, manipulation and playing the victim. Meanwhile, you relish in making your targets weep — only, tears aren't enough, because you're out for blood. Your charming nature helps you foster camaraderie amongst associates, but they should be aware because you're certainly not above enlisting others to help execute your evil plans.

Ramona Singer, Real Housewives Of New York

You reel 'em in with your quirky personality, but if they're smart, they will proceed with caution. The phrase, "Throw a rock then hide your hand" was written because of you. If something unbelievably shady goes down, you prefer to duck out a side door over taking full responsibility. After all, you started all the drama.

Aviva Drescher, Real Housewives Of New York

Of all the villains, you are by far the showiest and you routinely go the extra mile when it comes to making your point, or starting fights with pretty much anyone in your vicinity. OK, I'll stop there before I wind up on your already lengthy hit list.

Brandi Glanville, Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Think I'm telling you anything in confidence? NOPE — because the minute you get angry, everyone within a 50-mile vicinity will know all about the time I was you-know-where doing you-know-what with you-know-whom.

Tamra Judge, Real Housewives Of Orange County

And therein lies the problem: You dole out your two cents like your opinions are going out of style, which is fine... except no one asked you. Everyone will agree that you're the life of the party, but having fun at the expense of others is downright evil.

Vicki Gunvalson, Real Housewives Of Orange County

Your trust issues make you weary of new people, but there's a major difference between being guarded with strangers and dismissing them as peasants who should be thankful to be in your esteemed presence.

NeNe Leakes, Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Your ability to charm is second to none — but since your tunnel vision limits your focus to success, you reserve that for those who can do things for you. You're the first to admit that the spotlight is your biggest ally, but you're reluctant to share it. The bottom line is, I pity the person who steals a little bit of your shine (whether intentional or not).

Kenya Moore, Real Housewives Of Atlanta

You're on the less harmless end of the villain spectrum because your carefree-ness and hilarious quips make you super fun to be around. Unfortunately, you get off on pushing people's buttons (especially when you think they're weak) and your calculated flirting has turned potential friends into foes.

Teresa Giudice, Real Housewives Of New Jersey

While your defense of your family knows no bounds, you'd make a great gal pal for RHONY's Ramona Singer because you're completely incapable of admitting you're wrong. On top of it all, you have THE worst temper ever.

Danielle Staub, Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Erm, I'm almost too afraid to profile you because you come off sweet on the surface, but that quickly turns into a clinginess that, when you're rejected, sends you spiraling into a dark, vindictive, and even more possessive place. But I mean that in the kindest way possible.

Amber Marchese, Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Whenever you set out to destroy someone, you prefer the direct approach. Also, you generally prefer to make your evil exploits a team effort. While you can talk crap (and pull hair) with the best of 'em, you claim you're all about forgiving and forgetting.

Adriana de Moura, Real Housewives Of Miami

On paper, you're the epitome of poise, culture and chicness. But beneath all that togetherness lies a serious firecracker personality that prompts you to throw some pretty low blows in an argument. Oh, and punches too.

Did you find your ultimate match?

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