The 'Friends' Theme Song + Puppies = Magic

I haven't stopped binge watching Friends since January 1, when it came out on Netflix. And honestly, I need it to be taken off Netflix. I've finished all 10 seasons once and am now on my second go around. So needless to say, I'm still in that place in my life where anything Friends related is amazing. Like, I thought I saw Ross Geller on the street yesterday and I wish I could say I just made that up for effect, but it's actually true. So when this puppy version of the Friends theme song came out, I really thought I was hallucinating. But as it turns out, I wasn't hallucinating and instead I now have living proof that my wildest hopes and dreams CAN come true if I watch enough television. So, that's good to know.

Anyway, for Friends fans, this pup masterpiece plays on every joke you could hope for. Instead of being in the fountain, they're in a puppy/kiddie pool. And the show now stars Jenni-Fur Aniston, Matt Le Bark, David Sniffer, Cute-Ney Spots and Lisa Chew-Drow. They left Matthew Perry as is, which is probably the best thing they could've ever done. Hey, he doesn't like dogs, right?

Prepare yourself for this masterpiece:

Font on point.

Monica would be very alarmed at how dirty she was getting:

Watch the full video:

And for an extended shot for shot remake, visit BuzzFeed BFF's Tumblr page. Personally, I would like to see a shot for shot puppy remake of Rachel and Ross figuring out whether they were or weren't on a break. Someone call Jenni-Fur Aniston and David Sniffer back into the studio.

Images: Pixabay; BuzzFeed BFF/Facebook(2)