Young Margo In 'Paper Towns' Is A Scene-Stealer

There are dopplegangers, and there are clones. In the movie adaptation of John Green's Paper Towns, the story's heroine, Margo, is played by actress and model Cara Delevingne — and in a flashback to her childhood, viewers meet her younger self in the form of an absolutely identical actress. When young Margo comes on to the screen, the resemblance to Delevingne is scarily uncanny (those eyebrows!) But who is the actress who plays young Margo in Paper Towns ?

The pre-teen star is named Hannah Alligood, and from her mannerisms to those signature eyebrows, she could easily pass for Delevingne's little sister. Alligood is a fairly unknown actor, but after Paper Towns, I'm pretty sure she'll get a lot of attention, and not only for her appearance. Throughout her scenes, she displays some serious acting chops. Nailing down the look of Margo was one thing, but her spot-on portrayal of the young, free-spirited misfit with a smile is a whole different thing, and equally impressive.

Paper Towns may be Alligood's first major role, but she seems to be a natural when it comes to performing. The actress has been quickly building her IMDb page thanks to roles in short films and TV, and it appears that Paper Towns is just the start for her book-to-movie adaptation career. Next up, she'll appear in Allegiant: Part 2 of the Divergent franchise, and afterwards, she'll star alongside Jennifer Garner in Miracles From Heaven based on the book,"Three Miracles From Heaven" by Christy Beam.

Alligood's carbon copy image of Delevingne in Paper Towns is another example of the fascinating trend of actors playing younger versions of characters in movies. Here are some other cinematic dopplegangers of note:

1. Mila Kunis And Angelina Jolie In Gia

Before they were huge stars, the two of these gals were bad girl doppelgangers.

2. Saoirse Ronan, Romola Garai, And Vanessa Redgrave In Atonement

It's not only the emoting and deep seated guilt, but also a barrette that links all of these actors together as the manipulative Briony in this tragic romance.

3. Devin Fabry And Amy Schumer In Trainwreck

Watching Fabry as Schumer will make you think you are watching real-life home videos of the comedian.

4. River Phoenix And Harrison Ford In Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

River Phoenix is Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. It makes me miss him even more.

5. Mayim Bialik And Bette Midler In Beaches

My mind was blown when I watched Bialik as the younger version of Bette Midler's CC Bloom in the BFF tearjerker.

6. Ewan McGregor And Alec Guinness In Star Wars

They were never in the same Star Wars movies together, but McGregor was the perfect young Obi-Wan to Guinness' almighty Jedi.

7. Elle Fanning And Cate Blanchett In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

It takes a really talented gal to fill the shoes of Cate Blanchett, and the young Fanning did it well.

8. James McAvoy And Patrick Stewart In X-Men: Days of Future Past

McAvoy hadn't shaved his head yet for the signature cue ball look that Stewart had as the original Professor X, but he certainly embodied the spirit of the same character.

9. Christa B. Allen And Jennifer Garner In 13 Going on 30

Before Allen was on Revenge, she played a young Jennifer Garner, and they look so similar in the romantic comedy that you'd think they were real-life sisters.

10. Jamie Lynn Spears And Britney Spears In Crossroads

When in doubt, cast the real younger sibling to play the younger version of the star of the movie. It just makes sense.

Cara's mini-me is just one of the many great actors who've taken on younger versions of big-name stars, and as Paper Towns shows, she might just be one of the best.