The Tanner Sisters Are You At Your First Job

By Kaitlin Reilly

If you're a true fan, you watched the Tanner sisters grow up on Full House from little girls to young women (well, except for Michelle, so just barely made it into the preteen phase by the time the show was over). There was a reason why we wanted to watch these sisters go through the more routine aspects of life, from the first day of school to the first time you're allowed to babysit solo: the girls were always full of sassy quips, clever comebacks, and hilarious one-liners that impressed even the snarkier and more cynical viewer.

Of course, Full House ended over 20 years ago — and we've missed quite a few milestones during those 20 years. While there are plenty of major life moments we missed, from marriages to college to having kids, there is one thing that I wish we could have seen the Tanner girls do, and that's hold down their first jobs. The Tanner girls have never held back on saying whatever it is they were thinking, whether it be telling someone off for being rude or throwing shade at Kimmy Gibbler — they would be hilarious additions to any office.

Here are all the times the Tanner girls were pretty much you at your first job, because they know how to navigate the first step of a career ladder.

1. When Your Boss Asks You To Tackle A Major Project On Your First Day

You've got this! Time to prove she hired you for a reason.

2. When Your Co-Worker Takes Credit For Your Idea

Your trying to play it off like it's NBD, but you're mentally making a note to close your office door when Mike walks by.

3. When The Meeting Is Running Way Late, And A Co-Worker Offers You A Snack Bar

Your blood sugar was dropping so fast that your boss' words were starting to sound like static, and this granola bar may have just saved your career.

4. When Your Co-Worker Is Mansplaining The New Software

Thanks, Steve, but I got it. Really.

5. When Your Co-Workers Are Feuding And All You Can Do Is Watch

You just got here and have no idea why Stacey hates Beth so much, but you did just see her steal an entire pack of Post-Its from her desk, so things must be serious.

6. When Your Cute Co-Worker Says You Guys Should Get Drinks Sometime

Ugh, the last thing you need is a work crush right now, but... those eyes.

7. When You Realize That Same Co-Worker Is Actually Dating Your Cubicle Neighbor

NBD, dating a co-worker is a disaster, anyway. You actually feel sorry for them.

8. When Your Co-Worker Just Got A Major Promotion And Won't Stop Posting About It On Facebook

And Twitter... and Instagram... and did she mention how huge her new office is?!

9. When Your Boss Asks Everyone To Take A New Company Photo

Your top bun was chic this morning, and now looks like a bird's nest.

10. When You're Deep In Procrastination Land

Which means you totally can catch up on the six episodes of Pretty Little Liars you've missed before getting this report done.

11. When You Had A Few Too Many Wine Spritzers At The Christmas Party

Never believe pink wine when it tells you that you can dance.

12. When Your Boss Assigns A Major Project And Then Asks About Your Weekend Plans

JK, will be up all night cranking out this 20,000 word report.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (12); rushavatar/Tumblr