5 Times Alessandra Ambrosio Mastered The Updo

The hottest days of summer has arrived, leaving up 'dos the go-to hairstyle for many. Although it may seem like beating the heat and looking chic are opposite concepts, Alessandra Ambrosio's latest top knot shows that the two concepts can easily co-exist. Whether it's on a photo shoot or just hanging around the pool with her kids, this model knows how to turn up her styling when the weather gets warmer, and her hair is no exception.

The model's most recent Instagram posts provided a sneak peek of Victoria Secret Holiday 2015 shoot. But, while the teaser of the new collection didn't offer much, her off-duty style was enough to hold followers over. Ambrosio took a stylish trip to Rome and had even more on-point hair. She posed in front of one of the city's many statues in a grey haltered mini-dress with a jean jacket draped around her arm. But what pulled the look together was, like always, her choice of hairstyle.

This time she traded her long, wavy look for something more slicked back and structured. Ambrosio opted for a perfectly posh top knot to add to her already outstanding up 'do arsenal. Add to that a pair of stunning sunnies and you've got a recipe for a winning warm weather outfit.

From top knots to fishtail braids, Ambrosio is the queen of up 'dos. She knows exactly what takes a relaxed 'do to the next level and isn't afraid to post her au natural hair days to her Instagram either. Next time you're about to leave the house on a humid day, take a peek at her posts for some quick hair inspiration that will save you from sweat.

Relaxed topknots

Ambrosio takes it a step further by alternating between a slicked back and relaxed style bun.

Casual braids

Get you hair out of your face while still looking great with this model-inspired side braid. If this isn't breezy-chic then I don't know what is.

Messy buns

When it comes to messy buns, I normally like to stand in front of the mirror for way too long trying to get it just right. But Ambrosio shows that there's no need for every hair to be in place.

Formal ponytails

Combining a formal dress with something a little more relaxed, she nails this red carpet look. She even makes black tie seem effortless.

Half-up 'dos

Her half-up styles are just as trendy as the rest of her 'dos. Ambrosio knows how to keep the most natural looks polished.

Alessandra Ambrosio = #HairGoals.