Amazon & Suki Waterhouse Join Forces

If Amazon Prime day didn't exactly end up fulfilling all your fashion needs, you'll be happy to know that Amazon bought a photography studio in order to up its fashion game. The 165-year-old studio structure is located in Shoreditch, London and the location was strategically chosen as Amazon's vice president of fashion EU shared in a statement, "The opening of our new fashion studio, in the heart of one of the leading fashion capitals of the world, illustrates our ambitions."

The sick brick-industrial building will house countless photo shoots in order to bust out 500,000 clothing images, annually. Just within the past year, Amazon has added about 100 new fashion companies such as 7ForAllMankind and Calvin Klein and Amazon is looking to keep growing. In fact, Bucher said the company is trying to, "make Amazon the best place to buy fashion online." That's quite a big goal to set, but considering the online retail platform has the attention of the highly coveted demographic of millennials, I'm sure the goal won't be too difficult to reach. Amazon's new studio will also have editorial suites where staff will edit videos and photos. This also means the company will be supplying 35 job openings along with 75 more during seasonal months.

Also, Amazon has chosen Suki Waterhouse to be the face of Amazon's AW15 campaign, it looks like the venture is definitely off to a solid start.