Doug The Pug Recreates T. Swift's Instagrams

With more than 39 million followers, Taylor Swift is an Instagram queen. It's one of the many ways she lets fans see inside her magical life — whether it's highlights from the 1989 World Tour or snapshots from her Fourth of July party or a single picture confirming her relationship with Calvin Harris. If you thought T. Swift's photos couldn't get any better, you thought wrong, though. Get ready: your mind is about to be blown, and it's all thanks to a canine celebrity named Doug the Pug. This spunky pug previously recreated Kim Kardashian selfies (click the link, you will NOT be disappointed), and now, he's back and better than ever! The geniuses at Mashable had Doug the Pug recreate the best of Taylor Swift's Instagrams, dressed up as the star. The results are everything you've ever wanted and more.

I know what you may be thinking: Taylor Swift is more of a cat purrrson (sorry). Would Olivia and Meredith be jealous? I can guarantee, though, that as soon as they see how amazing these photos are, there'll be absolutely no bad blood. In fact, the cats would probably tell Swift, "Doug the Pug rocks! Can he join our furry family, too?" (You know, if animals talked and all.)

Brace yourself for the best thing you'll see on the Internet all day... highlights from the glorious photo shoot featuring Doug the Pug — or D. Swift, as I like to call him.

The Swan Floatie

My jaw literally dropped when I saw how cute this is. Also, the fact that Boo the dog is on the floatie in Calvin Harris' place? PERFECT.

That Maxim Cover

I'm voting for Doug the Pug to grace the cover of every magazine from now on. Please/thanks.

The "Bad Blood" Poster

I'll never have any bad blood All I need to do is look at this photo and I'll be filled with such joy that it's impossible to stay mad.

A Nightmare Dressed Like A Day Dream

Nope, Doug is definitely a daydream dressed like a daydream. Not a nightmare at all!

The Turtleneck

I have no words.

For the rest of Doug's Swift photos, watch the video below. It even shows some behind-the-scenes action of how these flawless photographs came to be!

Images: Mashable (5)