Ben H. Could Find Love On ‘The Bachelor’ With These Former Contestants If ABC Gives Him A Chance

As we say good-bye to another season of The Bachelorette, it means that it’s time to start making predictions for the next season of The Bachelor. I know that all the guys were mad when Kaitlyn allowed Nick Viall to come on the show, but the drama that ensued really made the whole season way better if you ask me. Plus, sometimes it’s necessary to bring someone back that the audience knows to shake things up a bit. That being said, in preparation for Ben H.’s possible season of The Bachelor, there are some former contestants we would love to see “pull a Nick Viall.” After all, former Bachelor contestants coming back on the show is pretty common, the uncommon part is the Bachelor/ette allowing them to stay.

Although I am pretty confident that Shawn B. is going to win The Bachelorette, I would say that Nick Viall’s second chance at love was a pretty major success considering he made it to top two... again. The only other person to successfully return was Ed Swiderski on Jillian Harris’ season. He left in Week 5 because he had to save his job and returned in Week 7. He came back and won the whole thing, even though the couple didn’t last after long after the show. Other contestants, like Jordan on Chris Soules’ season, Kacie on Ben Flajnik’s season and Jake on Jillian Harris' season definitely were not super successful. But, in the spirit of former Bachelor contestants, these are the ladies we hope show up to woo Ben.

1. Becca Tilley

Becca never seemed like the type of girl that came on the show to find fame, she never said, "I love you," because she felt forced to, she never lied about her feelings, and she generally seemed like a sweet girl. Not only would she and Ben have pretty much the most beautiful children ever, but, they are the same age and are at the same place in their lives. I think if she tried to come back, Bachelor Nation would welcome her with open arms.

2. Ashley Iaconetti

I am not sure if Ashley I. finds love on Bachelor in Paradise this season, but I read that her romance is with JJ, and, as I am not a JJ fan, I kind of hope that it doesn't work out. She’s probably my favorite crier on the show, and I would love another chance to see the Ashley Iaconetti drama that Chris Soules’ season had. I know she and Ben probably wouldn’t work, but it would be fun for all of us to watch.

3. Sarah Herron

Sarah was hands down one of my favorite girls on the show. She’s sweet, pretty, and I think she and Ben would actually hit it off. Plus, both of them live in Denver, so their chance of making something work is higher than the rest of the ladies.

4. Ali Fedotowsky

I know that she’s all coupled up with Kevin Manno right now, and they just moved in together recently, but if that didn’t work out, Ali and Ben would look damn good together. Just sayin’.

5. Carly Waddell

She sang her way into Chris’ heart for a little while, and now she’s heading to Bachelor in Paradise to try and find love. But, if that doesn’t work out for her, I think maybe she should consider crashing Ben’s season. She’s funny, and her commentary on things happening in the house is always spot on.

6. Alexis Morgado

Maybe you don’t remember Alexis from Juan Pablo’s season considering she got the boot on the first night, but she was gorgeous and into missionary work. I don’t know Ben’s religious affiliations, but he is also very into traveling and doing charity work. He’s heading to Honduras in September to help Humanity & Hope. Maybe they would hit it off.

I know returning contestants don't always get the warmest welcome, but I think Ben would be lucky to have any of these ladies attempt to crash the show.

Images: ABC/Felicia Graham; ABC/Bob D’Amico (2)