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The Treatment That Leaves Gwyneth Paltrow “Rested & Deeply Refreshed”

The star recently chatted with Bustle.

Gwyneth Paltrow chatted with Bustle about wellness treatments, Good Clean Goop, skin care, and more.
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On Oct. 18, Gwyneth Paltrow opened up about her approach to life, love, beauty, and fame in an interview with Bustle.

In an accompanying photo shoot, the Goop founder bared all in sheer cherry red tights and a designer logo-printed bra.

While she’s known for being an early adapter of the world’s wackiest, most out-there beauty and wellness treatments, the actor also gave beauty lovers of the world a glimpse of her personal routine in Bustle’s Simply The Best video series.

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Paltrow Sounds Off On Sound Baths

When asked what her all-time favorite beauty or wellness treatment was, Paltrow didn’t give an expected answer — like perhaps oil pulling for cleaner teeth or even a buzzy “vampire facial” (which, ICYWW, has become a craze amongst the Hollywood elite).

Instead, she named sound bath healing, a form of meditation that washes the sounds of crystal bowls and metal drums over you.

Calling it the best wellness treatment she’s ever had, Paltrow shared: “I really love sound bowls [and] sound baths. I don’t know what it is... For some reason, if I lie down and somebody plays those bowls, I kind of go off into another planet and I feel like I come back so rested and deeply refreshed.”

Melatonin Is Another Must-Have

A naturally produced hormone in our bodies, melatonin is to thank for our sleep-wake cycles. For those who at times experience trouble sleeping, however, melatonin supplements are often the first over-the-counter pick for a bit of nighttime support.

Sleepless nights aside, Paltrow revealed that she uses melatonin to “adjust to the time” when dealing with jetlag and long, exhausting flights.

Paltrow’s Other Post-Travel Essentials


From room-cleansing Himalayan salt lamps to the relaxing aroma of salty ocean air, salt is known to possess purifying qualities.

When it comes to Paltrow’s other post-flight essentials, she likes saunas and salt baths. “I like to take a bath with baking soda and salt,” she said. “A naturopath once told me that helps [to] pull the radiation out that you get up in the sky.” She pops drops of essential oils into the steamy water for added aromatherapy benefits.