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Kim Kardashian's Latest Mind-Bending Braid Is a Total Optical Illusion

Just when you thought she’d tried every hairstyle possible...

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When it comes to making a bold beauty statement, few can rival perennial trendsetter Kim Kardashian. Case in point? The icon is renowned for her signature cascading dark mane, but has been known to experiment with a wide ranging variety of hairstyles.

From waist-skimming strands inspired by Cher’s iconic ‘70s look to chic, drastic bobs, Kardashian continually reinvents her image by changing up her hair​. She’s also ventured into different dye colors, oscillating between deep brunette, platinum, and even pastel pink.

Yet, her latest look surpasses all expectations, seamlessly blending art and fantasy into a creation that is absolutely mind-bending.

Kim’s Basket-Weave Hairstyle

On June 23rd, the SKIMS and SKKN mogul made waves on Instagram with the debut of her striking new appearance. Presenting a carousel of photos, Kardashian stunned with her platinum silver hair. It was intricately plaited into two braids that evoked the imagery of a finely crafted basket, showcasing a blend of artistry and fashion-forward innovation.

The mastermind responsible for this work was none other than Chris Appleton, an internationally acclaimed conceptual hairstylist with a longstanding collaboration with Kardashian dating back to 2016.

Naturally, the debut didn't pass without critique as Kardashian's social media feed was inundated with remarks like, "It's giving... Founding Father," with some even jesting that she seemed "ready to draft the Declaration of Independence."

However, amidst the scrutiny, the hairstyle presented a genuinely innovative arrangement, possibly drawing inspiration from Alexander McQueen's Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear collection, where basket-weave hair made a notable appearance, reimagined this time by Guido Palau.

Regardless, this unique approach not only highlights her bold sense of style but also underscores her ability to transform a classic technique into a statement of modern elegance and personal flair.

Other Statement Braids Worn by Kim

However, Kim Kardashian is no stranger to extravagant braided hairstyles, having a history of embracing intricately styled coiffures. In her 2019 Vogue Arabia cover shoot, she sported a striking look featuring an ultra-long braid, curated by legendary designer Manfred Thierry Mugler. This unconventional hairstyle once again demonstrated Kardashian's penchant for making daring fashion statements and pushing the boundaries of traditional braiding techniques.

Another notable instance was her Rapunzel-like appearance in Allure, where she wore a 15-foot-braided blonde wig intricately integrated with her attire. With the assistance of hairstylist Chris Appleton, Kardashian dedicated over 14 hours to achieving the statement-making platinum blonde look, showcasing her dedication to transformative beauty ventures.