"Latex Lips" Is The Saucy Makeup Trend All Over BeautyTok

Here’s how to get the extra-glossy look.

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After a summer of quiet luxury neutrals and dewy mermaidcore moments, “latex lips” stand out on your FYP like a beacon of light. A latex lip is the brightest and glossiest look that BeautyTok has seen in a while, and with over 17 million views on the platform, you can bet it’s about to be everywhere.

“This is a makeup trend where the lips are coated with a glossy, high-shine finish that resembles the look of latex or patent leather,” says Elizabeth Seropian, a Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist. It’s bold, and that’s exactly what makes it so perfect for fall.

“While neutral pigments with clear glosses have been popular, there's a growing shift towards more vibrant and eye-catching lip looks,” she tells Bustle. “This look is beyond stunning, especially when the eyes are soft and natural and the focus is just the lips.” And that’s the trick: To get your latex lip to pop, pair it with glowy skin, sleek brushed-up brows, and a swipe of mascara — but then skip the blush. That way, nothing detracts from your pout starring as the main character of your lewk.

Though you might think a mere swipe of lip gloss will do the trick, the latex lip involves more than that — it’s all about getting the base color just right before adding the glossiest, juiciest top coat possible. The goal is to make your lips resemble the reflective texture of latex, Seropian says.

While latex lips are often done in bright red, she says you can also use pinks, corals, browns, and burgundies. As long as you add that high-shine gloss, you’ll get the latex effect.

How To Get Latex Lips

1. Prep Your Pout

Start by prepping your lips with an exfoliating scrub and a swipe of lip balm. The idea is to create a smooth, hydrated canvas for your lipstick.

2. Outline

Grab a lip liner that matches your natural lip shade, the color of your lipstick, or one that’s a few shades darker. Line your pout then blend inwards. This will ensure your lips are fully defined.

3. Apply Liquid Lipstick

To get a perfectly stained mouth, use a vibrant liquid lipstick. Paint it on, let it dry, then add a second layer. This will up the intensity even more.

4. Get Glossy

Once the second layer of lipstick is fully dry, swipe on a clear lip gloss that has an super shiny finish. Coat your entire mouth, then add an extra dab or two on the center of your lips.

5. Touch Up

Dip a thin makeup brush into your concealer and use it to clean up any areas of color that might have smudged beyond your lips. And ta-da: You’ve got latex lips.


Elizabeth Seropian, Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist