15 Luxurious Leather Perfumes That Complement The “Old Money” Aesthetic

Just in time for leather weather.

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Here are the best leather perfumes for fall 2023 from Tom Ford, Byredo, & more fragrance brands.
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From the familiar scent of a luxurious new designer bag, to the warm and earthy aroma of fine equine saddles atop a horse’s back — leather is no doubt a sensual scent in perfumery that brings with it that unmatched “old money” vibe (which, ICYWW, is a rising aesthetic that stars like Kendall Jenner are a fan of).

“Leather is a super common base note renowned for adding edginess, depth, and longevity,” Brianna Arps, the founder and fragrance composer of Moodeaux’s genderless scents, tells Bustle. “While the raw material itself was [historically] derived from animals, rest assured the process for utilizing leather inside today's fragrances looks completely different.”

In other words? No animals are harmed when you see the leather ingredient in modern perfumes, and instead, they are crafted with a combination of other natural notes, like “birch tar, juniper, and labdanum,” to name a few.

What’s more, the buzzy leather note defies gender, and is commonly used in both traditionally feminine and masculine creations to add bold complexity. “In my opinion, it smells best when paired with similar accords — think musk, vanilla, [and] sandalwood,” Arps adds.

Especially for the fall and winter months ahead, perfumes filled with the essence of leather are a major green flag. For a bit of that luxe “old money” energy in your own fragranced wardrobe, here are 15 bold perfumes to shop now.

Tom Ford’s Ombré Leather is rich, heated, and spiced by way of exotic saffron, elegant jasmine, smooth suede, and of course, warm leather.

A decadent new launch from Byredo, Rouge Chaotique is a rich oud gourmand that wears beautifully on skin. As for the key notes? Leather, saffron, blackcurrant, plum, and patchouli top the list.

“While it's definitely a woody, leather-forward aroma, PunkStar wouldn't be complete without soft floral, rich ambery, and fresh green notes,” Arps explains. In particular, the recent launch smells of juicy blackcurrant, smoky incense, lush rose, and intoxicating vanilla.

A sultry scent meant to share with your partner, Fiery Leather & Rhubarb is made unique by way of nutmeg, geranium, rose, and vetiver.

A full-bodied perfume that brings with it a feeling of mysteriousness, Dark Leather is brimming with the aromas of earthy geranium, crisp lavender, and subtly spiced elemi.

A fragrance that allows you to embrace your dark femininity, Musc Noir is defined by mouth-watering plum, sueded leather, and skin musks.

A warm and fresh vanilla perfume, Althaïr’s key notes include boozy bourbon, bright bergamot, creamy orange blossom, and cinnamon-spiked, leathery woods.

Agar Épicé is smoky and spiced, as the essences of otherworldly oud, complex guaiac wood, smooth sandalwood, and worn leather swirl around you.

A layer-friendly fragrance that literally smells like a horseback rider’s leather saddle, Saddle can be worn alone, or beneath any of your favorite scents for some added depth and long-lastingness.

A perfume inspired by the boldness of red lipstick, Lipstick Fever is brimming with notes of raspberry, violet, iris, and leathery woods.

A French phrase that means "into the woods," Dans Les Bois opens with bright lemon and juicy blood orange, quickly turning into a wild bouquet of lavender, saffron, and sage backed by leather and amber woods.

Featuring a mix of floral petals and earthy spices that wrap around you like a worn jacket, 03 “Blonde” is a statement-making unisex scent with notes of black violet, bittersweet saffron, daring leather, and juniper berries.

Describes as a “modern transparent leather,” Leatherize smells of buttery orris, smoky myrrh, and a dreamy butterscotch leather.

Santal 33 is subtly sweet thanks to cardamom, and includes notes of warm violet petals, leathery musks, and smooth sandalwood.

ICYWW, “cuir” is the French word for “leather” — and Cuir De Russie embraces the daring perfume note, pairing it with jasmine, birch bark, and tobacco.

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