24 Sandalwood Perfumes For Fall 2023 That Smell Sultry & Seductive

It’s a “quiet luxury” note in fragrance.

Here are the best fall 2023 sandalwood perfumes from LilaNur Parfums, Le Monde Gourmand, Boy Smells,...
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Found in some of the most luxurious fragrances on the market (for both women and men), sandalwood is a dreamy, woody note that is to thank for countless creations’ long-lastingness.

A signature note in some of the most beloved perfumes — like Le Labo’s Santal 33, which claims Bebe Rexha, Sophie Turner, Ryan Reynolds, and Justin Bieber as fans — sandalwood is surely defined by its creaminess and seduction factor above all else.

“There are two types of natural sandalwood used in perfumery: Santalum Album and Santalum Spicatum,” Paul Austin, the co-creator of LilaNur Parfums, tells Bustle. “They both have a velvety, delicate softness with a woody foundation, giving it a musky, earthy tone with a hint of spiciness — but Santalum Album, known as white sandalwood, is known for its especially creamy and lactonic qualities.”

Austin explains that in many cultures, “sandalwood is believed to possess strong spiritual properties, drawing individuals closer to the divine, imparting calmness, and clarifying the mind.” And there’s a reason why it’s so popular in perfumery. “Its distinctively warm, sensual, and woody scent adds a lingering, comforting note to every fragrance,” he adds.

Care to embrace a bit of that divine energy by way of sandalwood? Below, find 24 perfumes filled with the luxurious aroma.

“We have designed each of our Eau de Parfums around India's iconic flora,” Austin notes — and Agar Épicé is no different. “The idea was to draw attention to India’s story of oud. [We paired the] earthy, smokey, and woody quality of oud with the creamy, soft, and enveloping woodiness of sandalwood, adding hints of ginger and spices.”

Lush and dewy, Father Figure is brimming with notes of honeyed fig, buttery orris root, wet jasmine petals, and creamy sandalwood.

Sultry and indulgent, Santal Supreme is defined by heated vetiver, cloud-like sandalwood, and warm violet flower petals.

A modern expression of the beloved (and nostalgic) vanilla note, Torn is all things earthy and subtly spiced by way of vetiver root, musky sandalwood, and vanilla bean.

Wrapping around you like a cozy blanket, Santal Vanille features notes of yummy vanilla, creamy coconut, smoky myrrh, and luxe sandalwood.

A petal-soft bouquet of soft pink roses, Bare Rose is made all the more sensual by way of sheer sandalwood alongside the essence of velvety pear skin.

A truly luxurious, full-bodied perfume that truly intoxicates, Moon Glory is made richly complex via a combination of honey, ylang ylang, jasmine, balsam, and woods.

Santal 33 is subtly sweet thanks to cardamom, and includes notes of warm violet petals, leathery musks, and smooth sandalwood.

Santal Gray is a dreamy “skin musk” aroma that lies close to one’s skin, enveloping the wearer with the aromas of bergamot, sandalwood, violet leaf, musk, and cardamom.

A part of Chloé ultra-luxe collection of perfumes, Santalum explores the beauty of Australia-harvested sandalwood.

A truly classic expression of the world’s most beloved florals, Flora Gorgeous Jasmine is brimming with the breathtaking notes of sumptuous jasmine, freshly-squeezed mandarin, and a sensual sandalwood note.

A unique perfume that shines a light on the duality of finding strength in softness, Woodphoria is where the dreaminess of coconut water and fig leaves meets the power of woods.

Santo Wood is grounded, earthy, and romantic as notes of palo santo, sandalwood, papyrus, and eucalyptus swirl around your senses.

A fragrance inspired by the crisp, evergreen-filled air of the snowy Alps, APRÈS is truly a wintertime dream with the aromas of juniper berries, cardamom, bourbon, violet, and a forest of vanilla woods.

Sensual and deeply luxurious, Soleil de Feu mimics the warmth of red-hued sunsets, with notes of earthy tuberose, smooth sandalwood, and resinous benzoin that melts on skin.

One of Ariana Grande’s most heavenly scents to date, R.E.M. is defined by notes of fig, salted caramel, pear blossom, lavender, sandalwood, and sheer vanilla musk.

A “skin musk” scent that wraps around you, 724 is defined by notes of bitter bergamot, clean jasmine, and musky sandalwood.

A truly genderless aroma that is earthy and hypnotic, Madonna Lilly is a heady mix of bold black pepper, bitter bergamot, and smooth sandalwood.

A sensuous oil that leaves a subtly spiced warmth on-skin, No.04 Bois de Balincourt features the scents of vetiver, sandalwood, and amber woods.

Inspired by her native Tennessee, Dolly Parton created Early Morning Breeze with the help of dewy jasmine petals, warm orange blossom, and sensual sandalwood.

Embracing sandalwood’s historically sacred connotations, Sacred Wood bolsters the woody note with the aromas of myrrh, ambrette seeds, and balsam oil.

Sleek and spiced, Amber is where the dry patchouli embraces the liveliness of bergamot-soaked sandalwood.

Ashley Tisdale’s TikTok-viral brand, Being Frenshe, is beloved for its mood-boosting aromas. As for Solar Fleur? The scent is all things happy and carefree, with key notes of dewy orange blossom, smooth sandalwood, and dreamy coconut orchid.

A fragrance that aims to embody that carefree, bohemian way of living, Gypsy Water features notes of bright bergamot, spiced pepper, smoky incense, and vanilla-drenched sandalwood.